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Twitter Marketing Fiasco at NDTV Indian of the Year 2010

posted on : Tuesday March 9th, 2010    7  Comments
Tags : twitter, ndtv, ndtv indian of the year, indian of the year, ndtv indian of the year 2010, twitter marketing, twitter publicity, biz stone, SRK, shahrukh khan, priyanka chopra,

Business Ethics and Our Indian Education System

posted on : Friday October 10th, 2008    1  Comments
Tags : business ethics, indian education, education system,

Delivering an Effective Public Speech

posted on : Friday October 10th, 2008    3  Comments
Tags : public speaking, public speech, effective public speech, personality development,

Affairs of Marketism

posted on : Friday October 10th, 2008    2  Comments
Tags : affairs of marketing, affairs of marketism, lady diana, bill clinton, monica lewinsky, mahabharata, yudhisthir, yudhisthira, marketing gimmick,


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