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Tata's Nano - Bengal's lose is
Gujarat's gain

  The exit of the small wonder car 'Nano' from Singur, West Bengal, according to many, will give Bengal a 'troubled state' image. Since the announcement of Tata's Nano project in Singur, the local mafia farmers backed up with the likes of Mamata and her Trinamul Congress Party started opposing this revolutionary project; claiming that the Tatas along with the Government of West Bengal have taken away local farmers' land without their complete will and at a very low market value. They continued claiming that they want the land back. Now that the Mamata-Farmer alliance has won this battle against the Tatas, they came under a shock when they learn .....

posted on : Sunday October 19th, 2008,  Under: The Story of India
Tags : tata, tata nano car, tata nano, nano, nano car, west bengal, gujarat, narendra modi, buddhadeb bhattacharya, farmers suicide,

How pathetic could journalism can get?

  Sujata Anandan wrote on 'The Oped Page' of The Hindustan Times, Mumbai on May 02, 2007 something like below...excerpts:

"how bloody could patriotism get?"

"Modi's popularity proves that Gujaratis think differently from the rest of India. Let us hope that the fake killings will shame them enough to boot out the likes of Modi and Vanjara"

".....at some point of time the people of Gujarat will be shamed enough to boot out the likes of Modi and Vanjara and dump them into the Arabian Sea....."

".....This man, even worse than either Hitler or the Nazis, knows, then, that even if the people of Gujarat vote differently com .....

posted on : Saturday October 11th, 2008,  Under: Offbeat
Tags : negative journalism, sujata anandan, oped page, gujarat, narendra modi,

Here is why Narendra Modi won 2007 Gujarat

  Sujata Anandan has again written in her 'The Oped Page' in Hundustan Times, Mumbai edition (December 12, 2007) why Gujaratis should feel ashamed of themselves! I don't understand for the main reason why is she so much after making the community to
be ashamed of themselves for voting Modi!

Anandan thinks she is writing something smart which will impress likeminded Gujaratis and others from the rest of the India
who vote against Modi! Well, she's fooling herself then. The people of Gujarat, all gujaratis and I believe the entire literate India is for development. Under the tenure of Modi's government in Gujarat, the state has witne .....

posted on : Saturday October 11th, 2008,  Under: The Story of India
Tags : narendra modi, sujata anandan, oped page, 2007 gujarat election,

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