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Twitter Marketing Fiasco at NDTV Indian of the
Year 2010


If any of you did recently watch the NDTV Indian Of the Year 2010 Awards on NDTV LifeStyle, I bet you must have got surprised how and why everybody over there were repeatedly talking about Twitter and how Twitter has changed their lives for the good!

Bollywood Biggies like Shahrukh Khan, Karan Johar, politicians like MP Shashi Tharoor (the man is already too much into Twitter!) and the NDTV anchors were all praise for Twitter. NDTV arranged a special award called 'Social Networking Award' and Karan Johar was the winner. What for? For playing salesman to may bollywood personalities in luring them to join Twitter! Wow, and .....


posted on : Tuesday March 9th, 2010,  Under: Marketing
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