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This is an article I wrote back in February 2004 with inputs from my uncle Kapil Pandya.

The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair

The media published the affairs of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky very highly and that much advertisement they never published about Clinton’s presidency job. The media used the name of the personality and did the marketing to sell their news!

Lewinsky was a worker secretary at the White House of the USA and step-by-step by using the soft-nature of President Clinton she got closer to him. She was, after, often shown among the personal caravan of Clinton. And then by applying her marketing strategy Lewinsky all of sudden declared that she had some affairs with the President. This was the master-minded game of Lewinsky. She did marketing of her relationship with President Clinton and earned a lot of money. After the announcement of her so-called relationship she was getting millions of dollars for the interviews with the media! She sold the goodwill of President Clinton and became millionaire!

What was Lady Diana if she were not to be the Princess?

Lady Diana was from a middle class family, and married Prince Charles of the Royal family of Great Britain. She was ever interested in publicity. The marriage with Prince Charles and her other affairs were secondary; her primary interest was only publicity. She herself published her and that was her modus operandy. Had she any tuning with the media?

All the world’s a stage!

All the world is a stage, and all men and women are merely players. It is a truth worldly acknowledged that the winner is who publish himself in a real way. I believe that America has proved their leading place in this business of marketing. They have effectively handled the media and by the intelligent help of which they are trying to describe themselves as the world power. Whenever we see the great animated movies like Rambo, star wars, Independence Day, air force 1 etc, we think that America is really the world power and is really well-forward. Because they’re always explaining themselves as a hero and fact fighters and the other countries as villains. Likewise in each and every factors America is the master and hence they have the rights to publicize themselves because the world demands results!

The Mahabharata – A Marketing Blockbuster?

People are always ready to accept whatever the media and powerful people are pouring unto them. Marketing is always there whether it is a matter of today or of thousands of year before. For your more sweet understanding let’s take a look at the Mahabharata. Yudhisthir is known as Dharmaraj – The religious king, and it is also a fact that he lost his whole dynasty and wife Draupadi in playing gamble! Despite this fact, our scriptures has described him as Dharmaraj. How and by which angle we can call him Dharmaraj? If the same thing we do with our family, will we be proved and be acknowledged as a great person?
This world is a game and the winner is who understands the diplomacy facts playing around. To prove Duryodhan as a cruel king and Yudhisthir as Dharmaraj was nothing but the marketing skill of Muni Vedvyas.

But, always be diplomat. The author of the Mahabharata – Muni Sri Vedvyas – was something more than a spiritual author; he was the marketing master in favour to the Pandavas. Because he has described Duryodhan as a cruel king and as a villain in the whole script. But, according to me, the matter is something different. When his own blood-relaters left Karan (Karna), it was Duryodhan who saved him and gave him his territory, and when Karan died in the battle of Kurukshetra, Duryodhan became so upset that he left the battle temporarily and went deep in the water to give the peace to his dear friend Karan’s soul. He was shocked for his friend’s death! Can you call this kind a friend as a cruel king?

Do not take the blame on thyself!

We always use to blame our neighbors, we love to blame mankind! A person will always blame his faults on another. That is in our human nature. In this cycle, the main target is to cheat each other. Cheat and win! Everybody in this world cheats every other body; it is the law of nature. Truth and virtue are just textual, the realm is different. If you want to win, if you want to attract more and more people then learn how to convince people. Be dramatic, express yourself and the world will obey you. A good diplomat is who can fire his rival’s house without having his rival notice it!

The Affairs of Marketism!

I know that you still don’t have any idea what I am talking about, but you will soon realize it!

Are you not looking elegant? Aren’t you attractive? Is your personality not so effective? Are you very fatty or much thinner? Doesn’t matter, you can still make Aishwarya Rai your friend or any beautiful model your fiancee! Remember that there is an island of opportunity in the middle of every difficulty! And to make your these dreams come true you must learn about the discrete techniques to use in the business of marketing! Do marketing of you, I repeat, do marketing of yourself! Advertise, repeat, repeat in public, repeat while you’re alone and you will thus create a fog of surprise around you which will make you a BRAND! Remember you are the media of yourself; you are the press of yourself!

So, what this story is all about? There are many good qualities inside you, so many skills you know, but except you how many are aware of your capabilities? Why don’t you play the same game which the media and the powerful people play with us! The world is a stage, I repeat, the world is a stage and we all are merely players! Play this interesting game which we call as THE AFFAIRS OF MARKETISM and be the winner! Nothing is effective without marketism.

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Kunal Pandya

Kunal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and startup evangelist. He has helped build and scale up several businesses and products from the ground up. Apart from NCrypted, he serves as an advisory and is on the board of several of our client companies that we partner with.

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