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‘When I speak, even angels listen to me! ‘Coz my words are worldly acknowledged and no soul in this earth can d-e-n-y my superiority over it!’

Grrrh, now that was something heavy to digest. Looks like that funny acting guy in ‘Sansani‘ popping up every evening and warning every citizen of India. Anyway, a friend of mine just dropped by explaining how horrible his presentation went last evening. He fears he might lose the potential project and the client due to that. We both went for a cup of coffee and the following is what came out! (coffee can be so fruitful sometimes!)

Mark your words
It’s about words, my dear! ‘Bolega to paisa paanime!’ is a black spot in your personality. If people call you that, then it’s time to concentrate on effective speaking and influencing people. Because your personality is a measurement of your outer and inner looks + your speech + (some more factors, but we’re not talking about them right now, so better leave ’em!).I’ve read other articles on this topic and found them somewhat useful. Some of them talk about what-to-do list and under that they talk about what books to read and what tapes to hear before you actually speak!
‘What!? Why hear tapes? I don’t want to professionalize that much, man!’
Well, you are right, but believe me your speech can help you in so many ways, in thousands of places, on hundreds of occasions, viz.:
– During conversation with your friends
– While talking to girls..! (girls can read it as boys.)
– Making love with your spouse/gf/bf….
– Presenting in the class-room/seminar
– Influencing parents/relatives
…the list goes on…

So, they talk about books, but then what those books talk about? Well, there are certain facts which one should remember while delivering an effective speech, so let’s speak about them:

Always Be Yourself
It’s the common mistake, and perhaps the deadliest of all, most of us do while trying to redefine the basic facts. Well, you’re what you were suppose to be and nobody can change that born-fact. Do not try to act like undue-influence of somebody else and thus hide your original character. Remember that there’s no other match to yours, there’s nobody same like yourself. Be yourself, if you think that you’re not up to the mark, then try to improve it. Once what you think, what you speak and what you are in harmony, miracles will happen!

Be Confident
Have you ever asked yourself why are you not confident of yourself and the things you do or speech? Well, ask it now, if not so far. I’ve seen people who don’t have self-confidence and are mostly those people with some negative factors like the below ones:
– Not smart enough (as per their thinking and/or as per their pal-circle waves)
– Not looking handsome/beautiful
– Family problems

But, believe me it can be overwhelmed by reading some great books which you find encouraging, interesting and useful. Watch great characters, hear them and get inspired. Don’t think about the various problems you might be facing, remember that the only way to get rid of a problem is to face it, fight it and defeat it! Because our society is such that people remember only winners and history, my dear, history itself is written by the winners only. Show others what you are; always think positive, forget the things which annoys you and always feel comfortable. Believe me, you have something very special in you which others do not. And, successful people are those who find this specialty in themselves and use it to it’s extent!

Focus your audience
Know the kind of audience to whom you’re going to preach. Because people vary in nature and they have different tastes. I am not telling you to serve them what they want. You will serve them what YOU want but in a manner which they like! I guess, you got the point.

Trace ’em!
Be aware of the sitting arrangement of your audience. Do not keep a big distance between two sits. Do you know why we love to go to the theatres or some music halls and cheer/laugh for the show/film which is not good enough? Because, people around us laugh, so we think that the film must be good and that’s why people are laughing. This is the reason why today’s comedy TV shows are having background laughers!

Think Audience!
Your customer is your king! This is the first and foremost thing they teach to a novice MBA, but I believe that it’s applicable to all who want to be something different from others! You become happy because you see your audience listening to you carefully and you become sad because your audience is not giving you attention! It all counts.

I hope you will find this article useful as it’s not just theory, it’s applied theory! Kindly drop in your comments as I always pay back! 🙂

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Kunal Pandya

Kunal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and startup evangelist. He has helped build and scale up several businesses and products from the ground up. Apart from NCrypted, he serves as an advisory and is on the board of several of our client companies that we partner with.

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