Business Ethics and Our Indian Education System


We are not here to define what is management. We are here to put management in practice!

There exist a load of hypes about the ethics in management, but very less among them talk about the real thing. We should do that and we should do this – what a crap! People talk about management but these talks are never applied. Theories can’t help you win a serious game, you should be practical. Apply your thoughts and then advice others! And, it’s true for the people who are accepting such worldly wisdom from unacknowledged sources which has not been put in practice so far.

I remember one of my professors advising our class one day, ”Look at Japanese style of management. They believe in life-time employment. And, that’s the reason they are more successful with excellent growth rate than other countries.”, he continued, ”At the same time, look at the US pattern of management. They believe in hire ‘n fire philosophy and that’s why they are able to get the cream out of the crowd.” and he asked, ”So, students, it’s clear that if we go for any of these two management styles, India can improve itself. Which one we should go for?” Our poor professor didn’t know that it’s not necessary that we can be successful only by optimizing someone’s pattern. Japan and US are totally different countries which varies from each other and from India, too. They have their own different culture and which is not the same as ours in India. Japanese are hard-workers and we all know that Indians are not that much. US believes in hire ‘n fire policy and if we apply the same here, you know then what will happen! We should try to develop our own policy which suits and fits according to our work culture and social factors. Because you simply can’t ignore all these attributes when you deal with the whole scenario.

In management, 2+2 is not always 4, it may be 22, simply because it’s not about applying mathematics, it’s something beyond that. It’s something which we all know but haven’t put in practice yet. This dilemma is due to the bogus kind of education we get today. Totally exam oriented learning can’t help an individual to grow and give the ability to think. We are trained to become ‘servants’ and not ‘masters’. We are trained to become ’employees’ and not ’employers’. Because, you search madly for a job after your graduation, but have you ever thought of establishing anything on your own? You’ve dream of earning 30-40 thousand Rs./month as a starter (in service, of course) but have you ever had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur? 99% of those who read this will say NO. I tell you why – because when you start a business you need to suffer for several months and may be years! You don’t want to suffer. You are so stupid that you will pay 15 lacs in fees to get a Dental or MBBS degree, you will pay lot of money for your so-called education, but you don’t like to pay a little bit of that to establish something on your own! Why? You have got guts to cough off lacs for your education but don’t want to take risk of running something on your own. Not your problem, my friend. Because when you pass out from the college, you ask yourself ‘well, damn man! Have I really learnt anything? Do I really know something that somebody will pay me 40-50k?’ Problem is not in you. Problem lies in our education system. They trained you for 4 or 5 years to become an employee!

”Think fast, think big, think ahead!” words of the legendary entrepreneur Dhirubhai Ambani who redefined the way India Inc. works! Do you know that he has never gone to college? He didn’t know anything about the MBA and so called high educated philosophies! Then from where did he gain all such knowledge? He might not be knowing the different definitions of management and business but he knew how to do it. He might not be knowing how to plot different company sectors in a BCG model, but he knew how to promote them and push them up!

This article is not over yet, I’ll come back again with additional thoughts soon. Kindly drop in your comments, as you know, it’s mutually beneficial. I hope you enjoyed reading.

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Kunal Pandya

Kunal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and startup evangelist. He has helped build and scale up several businesses and products from the ground up. Apart from NCrypted, he serves as an advisory and is on the board of several of our client companies that we partner with.

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