Misconceptions about mumbai and bombay


Political parties have always cached in on the Marathi Manoos agenda and Mumbai of the Marathis ‘wrongly’ conceptualized philosophy. In 1995 when Bal Thakeray lead 4 decade old Shiv Sena came into power in the state, the first thing the party did was to rename Bombay as Mumbai and the controversy has never stopped since then. Now, his nephew Raj Thakeray’s MNS party is harking back to the ’60s trying to outdo the Shiv Sena. Like how the British Raj named every street of the old Bombay after a colonel officer, Shiv Sena and MNS are trying to rename all those streets as after either Chhatrapati Shivaji or vir Savarkar. Imagine 15 different places in the city being named after Chhatrapati Shivaji.

However, if the change of names is cultural, so be it. There is nothing wrong in calling ‘our’ places by ‘our’ names but what the Sena and Raj Thakre (or Thakeray)’s MNS are violently trying to do here is to call ‘their’ places by ‘their’ names and ‘their’ means only Marathi and meant for Marathi Manoos and hence everybody else living in the city are outsiders. I mean, wow, by foolishly trying to force these on everyone, they are ignoring the history and the facts. Like Vir Sanghvi says, after perhaps a few decades or a generation, nobody even remember that the city was once called Bombay. But, time has to take it’s own course. You can not force everybody to call it ‘Mumbai’ and ‘Mumbai’ only within a due course of time just because you have got no other broader issue to campaign in the upcoming elections.

I am personally not against the renaming of places if they are done for cultural purposes. Being a Gujarati, I also call it ‘Mumbai’ like Marathis also do. North Indians call it ‘Bambai’, Parsis, Christians and many others still prefer to call it ‘Bombay’; and so on everybody call it by their own way of pronouncing the city. However, the official name of a place should belong to the people living in there and hence if we combine Marathi and Gujarati speaking population in the city, it will be about 70% of entire city’s population. However, some ‘extremist’ parties, as Sonia Gandhi recently pronounced them so, prefer to do this for their violent political motives and for no other ‘positive’ cause.

I have tried to pen down some interesting misconceptions (I call them ‘Myths’) about the city versus with what is the actual truth. I am not against or with any community or regional beliefs but what I’ve written here are pure facts and hence they should be treated so as well. Kindly note that these are not what I ‘personally’ believe or want you to believe as well. If you have any diversified thoughts or you think any of the myth or truth I’ve pointed out are incorrect, please share the same via comments.

1. MYTH – Mumbai was built by Maharashtrians

TRUTH – Bombay/Mumbai, the city, was built by the Portuguese and the British. Before them there were Koli fishermen who used to live in a village near the temple of Mumbadevi (Maha Amba) and the village was called Mumbai.

2. MYTH – The original name of the city is Mumbai and not Bombay

TRUTH – The city as to what we know as today’s Mumbai was originally architect by Portuguese and later on renamed as Bombay by the British Raj. Portuguese used to call the town – Bombaim (meaning ‘good bay’), still common in Portuguese use.

3. MYTH – Maharashtrians alone have played a key role in the development of what is today’s mega city Mumbai

TRUTH – Bombay’s economic growth and development mainly can be credited to Parsis and Gujaratis before Marathis. The original residents were Kolis but they can’t primarily be credited with the economical development of the islands which went on to be known as Bombay.

4. MYTH – Mumbai is a part of Maharashtra even since it’s birth

TRUTH – Till 1960, Bombay city was a part of the erstwhile Bombay state and there was no Maharashtra into existence. Bombay state included the Western Gujarat (including Ahmadabad, Surat, Baroda) and Bombay city. Maharashtra state was formed after a violent movement lead by Samyukta Maharashtra Movement in 1960 and the Bombay state was partitioned into two parts – the Gujarati speaking parts were merged into the state of Gujarat and the Bombay city and some surrounding area including Thane were merged into the newly found state of Maharashtra. 5 districts from Hyderabad State (Now Andhra Pradesh) were also merged into the newly found Maharashtra state and one city from Madhyra Pradesh, Nagpur, was also merged into the new state of Maharashtra. Bombay Citizens’ Committee, an advocacy group comprising of leading Gujarati industrialists lobbied for Bombay’s independent status.

On May 1, 1960, after a movement for a separate Marathi state turned violent (105 people were killed by police at Flora Fountain which itself got renamed later on at Hutatma Chowk), the State of Bombay was partitioned into the States of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

5. MYTH – Mumbai is a Maharashtrian name and hence we should call the city Mumbai and not Bombay

TRUTH – Bombay city was a part of the erstwhile Bombay state which included Western Gujarat and Gujaratis used to call the city Mumbai and not Bombay.

6. MYTH – Mumbai has the highest number of migrants in entire India

TRUTH – Delhi has the highest number of migrants in India. 4 out of every 10 residents in Delhi are migrants – the highest in the country.

7. MYTH – The majority of migrants coming to Mumbai city are from North India

TRUTH – The majority of migrants coming to Mumbai city everyday are from Maharashtra’s other parts itself. Maharashtra accounts for 37.5% of the city’s migrant poopulation whereas Uttar Pradesh acounts for 24.3%.

8. MYTH – Marathis do not live outside of Maharashtra in a vast number

TRUTH – Surat and Baroda (Vadodara) have approx. 30-40% Marathi residents.

9. MYTH – Majority of Indians migrate only to Mumbai

TRUTH – 42 million Indians live in a state different from where they were born. 100 million Indians have left home over the last 15 years. 40% of India’s migrants come to West Bengal, Delhi and Mumbai.

10. MYTH – Majority of people living in Mumbai are Marathis

TRUTH – Approx. 60% of Mumbai residents are non-Marathis including about 20% Gujaratis.

11. MYTH – Marathis are the sons-of-the-soil of Mumbai

TRUTH – The original residents of this place were Koli fishermen and the East Indians. [updated]

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Kunal Pandya

Kunal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and startup evangelist. He has helped build and scale up several businesses and products from the ground up. Apart from NCrypted, he serves as an advisory and is on the board of several of our client companies that we partner with.

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  1. ya ,gujjus are outsider that your mentality but we still believe that maharastrain are very close to our heart—RAKESH from RAJKOT-GUJARaT

  2. this article is not about gujjus being outsider in mumbai or south indian or north indian or punjabi being an outsider in mumbai. It's about the fact that even marathis are outsiders in mumbai and they dont own mumbai.

  3. There is no such myth that Mumbai was built by maharashtrians.rnOriginal name of Mumbai was Mumbapuri, where Agri and Koli population lived.rnThird point is not a Myth too. Nobody believes this statement. Mumbai was built by Britishers and Parsis. Even Gujratis have used Mumbai only to earn money. They have no loyalty with Mumbai.rnMumbai WAS part of swarajya, which included karnataka, maharashtra, gujrat, MP, Orissa, Bihar, UP, Rajasthan and Haryana. Swarajya was ruled by Maratha Peshwas. Gujratis never owned Mumbai. A futile attempt by MURDERER MORU was done for it though.rnGujratis called it Mumbai because Mharashtrians called it Mumbai. Original name was Mumbapuri, which was purely marathi.rnMarathis do live outside Maharashtra, but lesser than the number of outsiders that live in Mumbai alone.rnMajority of migrants migrate to Mumbai is cent percent true. Its not a myth.rnLast point is too ridiculus to laugh at – do you say that the fishermen were Gujrati? or Bihari? or Mallu? NO. They WERE marathi. Marathis ARE sons of Mumbai soil.rnrnAnother typical GUJJU propoganda with lots of lies and manipulations. I have versions of such Bihari, Mallu and Tamil propogandas too. Marwadis have done major business in Kolkata, but they never claim ownership of the city. Telugus are major in Bangalore to make it IT capital. They dont claim ownership of the city. Being against MARATHI in Mumbai DOES NOT MAKE YOU SECULAR.rnGrow up and get some life.rnI know you would delete my post. But still yuo will NEVER be able to merge Mumbai into Gujrat. Murderer Moru's come and go. Mumbai belongs to son-of-soil Marathis forever.

  4. maddy boy you're wrong. there was no such 'swarajya' which consisted all of haryana, gujarat, rajasthan, UP, rajasthan, orissa and maharashtra. There was no such rule. maratha peshwas only ruled part of maharashtra, goa and some portion of karnataka for that matter.

  5. Maddy, nobody is talking about merging Mumbai into Gujarat. I've written what it was and not what it will be. Mumbai is the heart of Maharashtra. So perhaps you have misunderstood the article.

  6. Hey …

    The FACT is that Maharashtrians and Gujaratis were a part of a big united state called The Bombay State and in 1960 they were divided solely on language basis….

    So its only been about 50 years since Gujarat and Maharastra came into existence. Both gujaratis and marathis settled in Mumbai 60 years ago since it was the capital of The Bombay State and have continued to live in Mumbai……nobody “came” to mumbai …..except maybe the south indians or north indians who came here for business work etc.

    Lets stop fighting over Mumbai…..and lets all get a life …..

    Mumbai belongs to Both Marathis and Gujaratis ….and we should co-exist mutually just as we did 50 years ago …..

  7. We geeting into this discussion, dont you all think we are making ourselves "bloody indians". Grow mature man… behave like Indians.

  8. if 50% r non marathis then 50 % marathis..majority means highest number ..

    tyta is more than guj.more than rajasthani..

    it is not more than all collective pop of non marathis

  9. Dear Ratnesh,

    Where have I written that Mumbai was a part of Gujarat? The states of Gujarat and Maharashtra came into existence in 1960 after the movement for a separate state for Marathi turned violent. The state of Bombay included Gujarati, Marathi and even some Kannada speaking districts and regions.

  10. Kunal Sir,rn Anyway it was a nice article and I think we shouldn't now spend time on who Built Mumbai. Lets live in harmony. How ever, city is overpopulated. I think it would be wise to lessen migration wherever it is from MH/UP or other parts.

  11. You have contradicted yourself on one occassion atleast.

    Maharashtra accounts for 37.5% of the city’s migrant poopulation whereas Uttar Pradesh acounts for 24.3%. That is what you say. So your opinion is that 37.5 % is majority.

    Approx. 50% of Mumbai residents are non-Marathis including about 20% Gujaratis. 50% Residents are Non-Marathis that means 50% are Marathis. Now you say they are not the majority.

    Kunal sir, if 37.5% is majority why 50% can’t be a majority.

  12. I do agree that SS/MNS some time do excess. They are more violence prone than they should be but it seems from your article that most of what is ‘bad’ in the city can be attributed to Marathis.

    How many Policemen stationed in Mumbai who got killed in 26/11 were Parasis/Gujaratis. Answer would be a big Zero.

    If putting up a big Industry which certainly contributes to economy and making money in turn is what the greatest contribution to development then yes the Mumbai certainly would be developed by Gujaratis. But unfortunately that is not the only thing that drives a city. Businessmen can’t be Policemen, Administrators. Teachers etc.

    The city was built by everyone Gujaratis, Marathis, Parasis, NI, Not one group.

  13. All marathiness is crap. They only washed utensils in Gujarati and Parsi houses, worked in mills built by Non Maharashtrians and rubbed tobbacco till the goons took Bombay away from Gujarat.Bomaby deserved to be with Gujarat. As for no non-marathi getting killed on 26/11, as the adminstration why others don't apply in the Maharashtra police force.

  14. @Utpal – You should better read the figures correctly. 37.5% of all migration is from parts of Maharashtra itself. It does not mean 37.5.% are marathis in Mumbai. The overall 100% ration taken here is for all ‘migrants’ to the city.

    And this is not a Marathi vs Gujarati blog, so all you guys should stop getting into comparisons. This is not a community related article. Also, in a Maharashtra ruled city, how can you expect non-marathis to be in key role positions in government posts such as politics, police, fire brigade and other government offices? Have you ever seen any accountable percentage of marathis in police department of any other state of India? State government jobs are majorly given to locals. So your arguments are simply void.

  15. well the erstwhile bombay state was actually bombay presidency which included gujarat ,maharastra and goa and even parts of present day karnataka. the regions in maharashtra are now known as western maharashtra,konkan ,north maharashtra used to fall under bombay presidency.Marathwada and vidarbha were added in 1960 as they were marathi speaking areas.

  16. With regards to point 11. MYTH – Marathis are the sons-of-the-soil of Mumbai.rn rnIt is a mis-conception that the kolis are the only original residents of Bombay , besides the Kolis the East-Indian community are also the orignal residents of Bombay . Like fishing are the main occupation of the Kolis , farming was the occupation of the East Indians , hence request you to kindly change the truth .

  17. Dear all writer be respectable with Maharashtrians dont come in Maharashtra for begging please be settled in your own state and do whatever including begging.Just respect culture finally we Maharashtrians are the king of our territory and Mr.Blog writer i appreciate your way about Gujarati community have played significant role.It is true that Gujarati played important role not Bhaiyas from UP and BHIHAR

  18. I was studying Karnataka where i learnt Kannada,i can speak and read it here the only one thing is that give respect to the local culture.Just keep in mind the villages near to Mumbai IE where Navimumbai
    they are all basically Marathi it indicates that the first settlement in Mumbai done by Maharashtrian not Gujaratis.

  19. I am born and brought up in Bangalore. I am a complete Bangalorean but both my Parents are from Rajasthan and my mother tongue is marwari. I have always treated Bangalore as my own city and respected the kannada culture. Infact I call myself a Kannada Person because of my eating habits. Unfortunately the Kannada localities have always treated us as outsiders and have always treated and blamed us for looting the Karnataka's economy. Its very easy for people to brand migrants as outsiders but you do not know how much difficult it is to survive when you are treated as an Outsider in your own country. Always tell yourself when you feel jealous of the achievements of non-mumbaikars that let me also work hard and carve a niche for myself and say to your self all Indians are my brothers.

  20. @ Kenny Logo – It is a debatable issue as to who came first in this place but it is for sure that the Kolis and the East Indians were the first inhabitants in this island. Every other community came in later. So, thanks for the update. I’ve updated the truth as well.

    @Abhijit – Please check your facts. It is obvious that you will see marathi villages near Navi Mumbai since that place is in Maharashtra since its inception. And where have I wrote that Gujaratis built Mumbai? Please don’t drag the conversation into something that it really is not. This is not a debate amongst Indian communities here.

  21. @Manish – Great point. This kind of behavior is common in us Indians. When our relative or friends go out of India to settle, we insist them on retaining our Indian cultural and emotional values. They also take pride in calling themselves ‘Indians’ and somehow if someone calls him an American or a British, we raise an eyebrow and emotionally try to bring his/her roots back to India by reminding him/her still how attached he/she is to the country. On a contrary, when we migrate to another state within our country itself, the state we migrate to ‘forces’ us in leaving our identity back to the state which we left and adapt the rituals of the state we want to live into now. A UP or Bihari migrating to Mumbai, a north Indian migrating to any south Indian city – they are always called outsiders. Marathis want to teach everyone marathi, Kannadigas want to teach everyone Kannada, Tamilites want to teach everyone Tamil but they don’t want to learn Spanish when they migrate to Spain!

    What we are doing is nothing but self-praise. Within Mumbai itself we marathis will not step back from fighting with our marathi neighborhood itself for any given pointless ego-shattered breakfast fight! http://www.kunalpandya.com/viewblog/5/Who_am_I__The_Discovery_of_a_21st_century_man

    Political parties trying to divide India into small pieces of meaningless castes, communities, states are doing this and we are fools to blindly follow it.

  22. @Prashant – I could have deleted your comments but I want everyone else to see them. Historically speaking, Kolis are a community that you will find in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana alike. Same for East Indians. These are communities which have their foothold in multiple states and it was the same even 300 years back. Like how Jains are found in multiple states of India and wherever they live, they call that state as their home. You can't call all Jains to be Gujaratis and similarly you can't call all Kolis and East Indians, well, Marathis!

  23. @pandya : SIR thanks for information.

    okay now then marathi people are outside now fine…

    in mumbai there should not be any marathi. marathi people should speak in hindi even though marathi is their mother tongue.
    mumbai is belong to only up and bihar. they have developed this city.

    now u ll write like i did not mean like this. i was just clearing some myth….

    and one more thing KOLI ha, come to mumbai i ll show original koli(marathi people) who are still living in mumbai island (yes i am also agree on this koli are found in most of part, but before my comment i have read lost of article related to this Ex BBB then i wrote this comment, sorry cause i feel my last comment was so arrogant one).

    1. MYTH – Mumbai was built by Maharashtrians.
    r u sure about this somebody is saying like this i think no maharashtrian will talk this baseless statement.

    but sir did you really read this completely.
    nahi to apane ye last comment kiya hi nahi hota.
    now please update your 11 th myth.

    (The East Indians of Bombay are the true original inhabitants of Bombay (Mumbai). Where are their villages ? Their mother tongue is Marathi.)
    they are from MARATHI ETHIC GROUP.

    one last thing, language is identity once you lost that, no one will care about you. and that’s happening in mumbai, and example is your blog which has some rudeness(seriously it is there cause did find hate toward some community).

  24. sir,

    please update your 11th myths, we(marathi) have no issue with other 10 myth. we are local people and we are marathi, and that is our identity. we, honestly, speaking (>95% marathi people) do not have any issue with migrant, ask people living in mumbai but yes political people doing some nonsense thing due to which reputation has been spoiled for now.

  25. Dear prashant sir please check your information regarding koli (kolis are fishermens they can found through out Maharashtra) But,you can visit to varsova to see original koli cast people.Dont you think now Mumbai cannot bear out side people.If BMC Fail to provide facility and people are bleming them is it correct?
    why Our people always against UP AND BIHARI is due to behavioural pattern.we have storng history than any other part of india you can see on wiki about MARATHA EMPIRE.
    As per our history we have strong feeling that other people should respect of our history and our culture regardless to coment on it we are what we are,and we never interfare in other people affairs but we do not tolrate others interfere In our culture.

  26. Dear kunal sir kolis are belongs basically Marathi casts, you cannot find koli name out side Maharashtra except Goa and north karnataka as this area was part of MARATHA EMPIREnNow i like to tell you the christian population of BANDRA they are basically Marathi people they changed belife when Mumbai was part of portugeuss like wise the christian population of Vasai.So here your last myth canot become fact.sir you can upgrade your kowlege about Marathas.n

  27. @abhijit: did not get you first 2 sentences. after that…yes 🙂

    But that is different issue for this blog.
    what pandya is saying, that is different.
    he is saying marathis are OUTSIDER.which is not true(honestly this is killing me). this is something like somebody coming to your home,staying for a while then saying who are you, this is not your home.

    Is this BOMBAY VS MUMBAI name issue, i think no we marathi called our city mumbai and yes we also accept bombay name.

    (mumbai : mumbadevi + Aai(mother)).

    mumbadevi is there for more than 1000 of year.
    current structure was built in between 1500-1600.

    as i said due to political stupid persons reputation has been spoiled please do not relate this to marathi people.

  28. Dear Prashant you know what UP and Bhiharis think about Mumbai.I have one company mate who is from UP he settled in Mumbai 40 yr ago his allegations regarding changing Name Of VT To CST.As like Kunal pandya that why you changed name,here i explain him this is our state and our people right to change as per our culture.kunal sir is also don’t have sufficient knowledge about Mumbai and Maharashtra I am Working in Khar where you can see PATHARE PRABHUS CHS who are Marathis.
    AS kunal pandya is saying Koli people belongs to other states i can disprove it because kolis are fishermen and in Rajasthan their is not sea or rivers their might be fishermen are called by diffrent name But in Maharshtra Koli people belongs to MARATHI Ethnic group.

  29. The approach of outsiders in Maharashtra is that Marathi people should forget their language and culture.we will never tolerate this and we will fight for this till the end of life.rnSo kunal sir The people who don't know history cannot make history UP and BIHAR don't have history and culture.As we have and this is fact we cannot ignore Our (MARATHI)people are still have strong belief in culture.

  30. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maratha_Empireen
    Dear Kunal sir whenever you are making allegation regarding any thing it is necessary to to deep study of that particular territory the above information will be added knowledge in your existing half knowledge.
    so here half knowledge means i am not teasing you and in our MARATHI culture we do not disrespect anybody without prior deep knowledge of subject so pleas provide write what is true.

  31. Kunal This is an indeed exquisite blog. Many of things which knew bits and pieces are more clearer now about Bombay vs Mumbai. Being a Gujarati too; I often (I would say almost every time) call this city as "Bombay" and not "Mumbai" – It's all about what we used to call. Yes I agree with you facts which reiterates in crystal clear manner that "No city belongs to No one other that Nation"

  32. Dear Kunal,

    Dont waste time in proving that Marathi people do not have right over Mumbai. You remember one thing, Marathis are only people who belong to Maharashtra/ Mumbai and everybody else is outsider.

    Any attempt to separate Mumbai from Maharashtra would lead to severe consequences. Your Morarji Desai had killed our 105 people fighting for our Maharashtra. But remember we dont mind if our 105 thousand more people have to sacrifice their lives for this holy land of Shivaji and Saint Tukaram.

    I know you would delete my post. But this is an important message that you should remember as someone outsider to Maharashtra.

  33. heyy..u said original inhabitants of Mumbai were Koli fishermen and East Indians ,but to your kind information mother tongue of both the communities is MARATHI.
    issue is not about outsiders coming in city with large numbers…main point is they did not show respect to MARATHI.
    From years MARATHI maanus learned hindi for ease of other people..but at same tym it is a responsibility of other people to learn MARATHI but they totally ignored it
    Its obvious dat we should respect and adapt the culture , languages and lifestyle where we are going to live…as a example given(above) by MANISH regarding BENGALURU

  34. hi pandya,

    it has been quite a while now that you have not changed the myth that i have objection(11 myth).
    I am requesting you to please remove it or please give us some sense comment so that it ll be clear


  35. I am from andhra pradesh….. y u ppl still hanging that myths. Please come to present days…. i hope all r educated here… behave like that…. come out from the sentence this is mine…. think

  36. You are forgetting other Marathi communities like Pathare Prabhus and Somvanshi Kshtriya Pathares, who have been living in Mumbai and surrounding areas for more than 1000 years. Even today you can find few 'Gaothans' (village like settlements) in heart of areas like Chembur, Worli and Goregaon, where these communities are living in pristine houses. Even the surnames of these people are Dadarkar, Worlikar, Chemburkar, Goregaonkar, etc. suggesting that this is their native place. Marathis have been living in Mumbai since long. You should accept this fact.

  37. Baroda should have been under Mah rule because the ruler and most residents at one point in time were Maharashtrians. Mumbai land lords were pathare prabhus (not kolis), the fishermen were mainly concentrated along the Mumbai coast. The pathare prabhus owned majority of the land until early 1900s. Yes, however, it is true that majority of the business impetus was given by parsi an gujurati businessmen, maharashtrians still don't have a majority stake there. Infact none. I think you are merely a reader who hasn't researched the topic at all. Although I do agree with majority of your points, your agenda seems to be merely relation Mumbai to gujurat. You are doing what MNS is doing. Also that MSS demanded Mumbai for MAH only because 80% of the population back in the 50s was maharashtrian by language and property ownership. The only exceptions being mill lands which were alloted to businessmen for making Bombay the textile capital of the east. Who am I? A historian.

  38. I like wat Raj T has done, he has not only antagonized outsiders but also made people like this Pandya waste valuable time in their life writing this blog. Love it!

    p.s: I spent less than a minute though…

  39. Nice post. But there are some problems over here. 1st is that the original name of this place was Mumbai, like you said in your 1st point, derived from Mumba Devi.
    2. Personally I feel no problem with any migrants in Mumbai till they don’t increase beyond the necessary and start threatening the goodness of the city
    3. Politicians without any serious agenda will continue to change names of places like Mamta Banerjee recently renamed West Bengal.
    4. Mumbai was originally under rule of the King of Gujarat. Gujaratis in the city do not become outsiders. Technically speaking everyone is an outsider except for the Kolis.
    5. This is my city, I call it Mumbai and it’s not because I support any party but it’s because I feel it’s better than Bombay.

  40. Do you even know about pathare prabhus?? They owned the mainlands of Mumbai… they were the landlords… not the ruler (like erstwhile Maratha Kingdom, Portuguese, English empire)… and where does king of gujarat come from??? hahahahahaha… and who the hell was he? when? and how…. hahahaha

  41. Hello Mr.Pandya,

    I read your article and it is well-written and informative. I read the comments too. It is good that a healthy discussion is taking place on this much(and quite often violently)-debated topic.

    I could see that the debate whether Mumbai belongs to the Marathi-speaking people or the non-Marathi people hinges on the point whether the Koli’s were Marathi and whether Mumbai was a part of the Maratha Empire. I would like to contribute my views as well.

    As far as I know, Mumbai was never a part of the Maratha Empire. The Marathas came as far as the Vasai fort in an expedition led by Chimajiappa against the Portuguese. This needs confirmation though. But, this is what I remember reading. In fact, the islands were ruled sometime by the Gujarati Sultanate.

    As for the Koli’s, I do not have an idea about the language spoken by Koli’s in Gujarat but, the Koli’s in Mumbai speak a dialect quite similar to Marathi but which also shows traces of Konkani. The same dialect is spoken in the entire coastal strip from Maharashtra to Karnataka with slight changes as you go down south. I am very sure that they speak Marathi, but as far as their native tongue is concerned, I think it is not the Marathi that we know. In someways, even Konkani is similar to Marathi but we cannot call it Marathi. I have an idea about Konkani because I am a Goan by origin.

    And, as for my views on the Marathi Manoos debate, I think Mumbai belongs to everybody who lives here and loves it. Any area does not belong to anybody, it depends on whether you feel a sense of belonging in that place. This sense does not only make you say that the city belongs to you but also that you belong to the city. If you can feel that city is yours.


  42. @IFM
    ohhh again.. thanks for information..
    so here is the more detail information
    The Gujarat Sultanate was an independent kingdom established in the early 15th century in Gujarat. The founder of the ruling Muzaffarid dynasty(muslim),Zafar Khan (later Muzaffar Shah I).
    and why do you mentioned as GujaratIIIII sultanate..???
    by the way have you read all the comment if no then again for you.
    (The East Indians of Bombay are the true original inhabitants of Bombay (Mumbai). Where are their villages ? Their mother tongue is Marathi.)
    they are from MARATHI ETHIC GROUP.
    (mumbai : mumbadevi + Aai(mother)).
    mumbadevi is there for more than 1000 of year.
    current structure was built in between 1500-1600.

    AND what is this junk statement from you
    I am very sure that they speak Marathi, but as far as their native tongue is concerned, I think it is not the Marathi that we know. In someways, even Konkani is similar to Marathi but we cannot call it Marathi. I have an idea about Konkani because I am a Goan by origin.

    if you dont know the history then why are you commenting like this. there are almost 15 different comm in marathi ethic group like kolapuri, satari, solapuri, khandeshi, nagpuri, malwani….(don’t know exactly what we call) … but there are different dialac in marathi group ….
    and if you have better knowledge about marathi ethics group please tell us.
    so are they different?
    and in 1987 kokani came in to existance
    here is the details.
    Konkani–Marathi dispute It has been claimed by some quarters that Konkani is a dialect of Marathi and not an independent language. This has been attributed to several historical reasons (outlined in the History section), the close similarities between Marathi and Konkani, the geographical proximity between Goa and Maharashtra, the strong Marathi influence on Konkani dialects spoken in Maharashtra (such as Malwani), a supposed lack of literature in Konkani and a great degree of bilingualism of Konkani Hindus with respect to Marathi.
    José Pereira, in his 1971 work “Konkani – A Language: A History of the Konkani Marathi Controversy”, pointed to an essay on Indian languages written by John Leyden in 1807 wherein Konkani is called a “dialect of Maharashtra” as an origin of the language controversy.[63]
    Another linguist to whom the error is attributed is Grierson. Grierson’s work on the languages of India: The Linguistic Survey of India was regarded as an important reference by other linguists. In his book, Grierson had distinguished between the Konkani spoken in costal Maharashtra (then, part of Bombay Presidency) and the Konkani spoken in Goa as being two different languages. He regarded the Konkani spoken in costal Maharashtra as a dialect of Marathi and not as a dialect of Goan Konkani itself. But, in his opinion, Goan Konkani was also to be considered a dialect of Marathi because the religious literature used by the Hindus in Goa was not in Konkani itself, but in Marathi. Grierson’s opinion about Goan Konkani was not based on its linguistics but on the diglossic situation in Goa.
    S. M. Katre’s 1966 work, The Formation of Konkani, which utilised the instruments of modern historical and comparative linguistics across six typical Konkani dialects, showed the formation of Konkani to be distinct from that of Marathi.[63][65] Shenoi Goembab, who played a pivotal role in the Konkani revival movement, rallied against the pre-eminence of Marathi over Konkani amongst Hindus and Portuguese amongst Christians.
    Goa’s accession to India in 1961 came at a time when Indian states were being reorganised along linguistic lines. There were demands to merge Goa with Maharashtra state. This was because Goa had a sizeable population of Marathi speakers and Konkani was also considered to be a dialect of Marathi by many. Konkani Goans were opposed to the move. The status of Konkani as an independent language or as a dialect of Marathi had a great political bearing on Goa’s merger, which was settled by a plebiscite in 1967.[63]
    The Sahitya Akademi (a prominent literary organisation in India) recognised it as an independent language in 1975, and subsequently Konkani (in Devanagari script) was made the official language of Goa in 1987.

    and i have doubt that last comment is made by pandya only.

    AND AND AND it is fact now
    language is identity once you lost that, no one will care about you.

    Now enough is enough …
    I am going to take favor of raj thakery (though i dont like this)…. but i have to.. because its my identity…If outsider does not give respect to local people then there is no meaning to say
    “Hum sab bhartiye hai”

    And pandya BC & MC; MNS will get back to you with their style on your office address

    NCrypted Technologies
    Marketing & Sales Department
    A 222, Antop Hill Commercial Complex, ACME Road, Wadala (East), Mumbai 400 037, Maharashtra (INDIA).

    I have already informed about this blog to MNS site

    Now enjoy your myths…

  43. Dear Pandya sir
    please try to settel your self in your own state that is swarna Gujrat rathar than writining myths and fact you are all outsider due to you people only we are missing our identity and mass migration from UP and BIHAR you wont see
    you will talk nothing on that and dont forget state goverment is ours.our people always plans policies which are benificial to state Mumbai is city planned by MMRDA we are genrating huge income from mumbai
    we are selling Milk vegitables to feed city after British we planned NAVI MUMBAI DONT FORGET AND DONT CREATE SEPRATE BLOG ON NAVI MUMBAI.All out siders only thinking about their own.
    Now i like to tell myths and facts about modern
    Amchi MUMBAI
    1.Mumbai is developed due to out siders.
    1.Mumbai is developed by state goverment.
    2.Mumbai developed by Gujrati and Parsi community
    2.Mumbai is developed by Nana Shankar shet in 18 th centry and modern by Yashwantrao chavan
    3.Out siders take Mumbai out side of state.( Sanjay Nirupam,krupa shankar,Abu Azami)
    3.Our people will never tolerate this thing
    our Raj is only one Marathi person sufficent person to fight against such road dogs.
    4.Marathi people cannot do any thing about siders.
    4.Only In Mumbai city people tolerate this rustic behaviour,want take state ride to rest of Maharashtra
    5.Out siders are born in the state are Maharashtrian.
    5.Out sider are remains outsiders beacause we are Marathi People and the place where we are living that is Maharashtra and it is part of union territory of india.

  44. Dear blogger,
    You seem to be one amongst the many GANDU GUJARATIS in Mumbai, if you think that you people have contributed to the city’s prosperity why couldn’t you people build a city like mumbai in your native state……BLOOODY FUCKER GUJARATIS!!!!!!!!!

  45. Dear Kunal sir please revise your nonsense Myths and facts because it will not helpful to take AMCHI MUMBAI In hands of people who do not belongs to Maharashtra.
    I like to tell all blog readers who do not belongs to Maharashtra including kunal pandya who came here to suck our culture community and Natural resources.Mr Pandya your blog indicates that our people dont do any thing to built city i think near to your office at wadala.you can see how Muslims from UP And Bihar Encroached on land of Railway.Mr Pandya You are saying that Mumbai Do not belongs to Marathi people.I like to explain one thing that you might don’t have idea
    Salsette of Mumbai.Christians in Bandra are mostly of the Koli, Bhandari and Kunbi castes.
    Mr.Pandya Half Knowledge is very dangerous.

  46. Kolis and east Indians are Marathi only and the if you want to learn more about it you can visit to waroda road at bandra Near to Bazar road i have traveeled through out city as i am covering all area from Mahim To Andheri,Juhu i know better than you i done ground work and i saw all communities including your community that is Gujarati.Dont forget before gujrat sultanate their was king Bhimdev and he is ancestral origin of Pathare Prabhu who are native Mumbaikar and belongs to Marathi people large part of khar West covered by Pathare Prabhus.
    Only being CEO of company couldn’t have good knowledge of every thing for that you have to go on deep inside the all galli to write your myths and facts.
    Either you change myths and facts that are not true or Leave Mumbai for better future go in your state Gujarat for writing myths and facts about Gujarati People.

  47. All outsiders please don't come in Maharashtra to beg you have ability to prove yourself why not proving in your own state.by which your state will prosper and your people find job near your locality.rn

  48. Mumbai amchich ahe amchich rahnar…

  49. Maharashtra should be seperate country,i dont want india united at least outsider residing in state will not write on Myths and facts.n

  50. This is alarming situation for all Marathi people and not born Maharashtrian we are in tragic situation where our state should be a seprate country like european union.That is indian union and Maharashtra should be part of it or whatever else Option is there their must be permit system for outsiders like Europe becase always outsiders shows how our country is united.Being fully marathi manoos i feel others dont want to give respect to marathi people and culture.
    And Mr.Kunal Badoda and surat are the cities where our marathi people dont oppose to anybody and shows respect local community
    i am not Maharashtrian i am Marathi
    I hope india will be devided one day which all people able keep their own identity and ethnicity.whatever the thing is 1 crore out siders in Maharashtra doest affect on Marathi people.I like to tell all marathi peoples whatever the percentage is please come back in the state which is no 1 wealthiest part of indian union.

  51. For others who have set out to divide India(My fingers are trembling even as I write that. I am a patriot, through and through, and would never like that to happen), my only reply is that you have insulted every freedom fighter who fought for our great nation, not to mention those who were from Maharashtra like Lokmanya Tilak, Vasudev Balwant Phadke, Rajguru, Chaphekar brothers, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Gopal Ganesh Agarkar etc. They did not fight out for Maharashtra but for India. And they must have turned in their grave(figuratively) after reading your comment.

    Sorry if my comment antagonised you.

    And, BTW, I am Marathi too. Kadhi nahi vatli pan aaj laaj vatate Marathi aslyachi.

  52. And Mr.Pandya, one more thing, some information in this post is indeed wrong. To give the credit of this city’s growth to particular communities, one needs some sound proof and intricate calculations. I do not know how you did that. Also, I think everybody has played an equal part in Bombay’s growth.

    I cannot bring myself to believe that people who migrate to Mumbai come here because they love the city and want to develop it. They come here because they find jobs here. That is because this part is more developed than the part where they stay. This is true of all the communities. I think the true credit to developing Bombay can only be given to the British Raj and not to any Indian community. Everybody else came here because they saw opportunities here. And if a particular community migrated here to develop Bombay, why did they not develop their own part?

    Having said that I do not want to undermine the efforts of all the people who found success and prosperity in Bombay. They achieved it because they worked hard. Kudos to them irrespective of their community.

  53. Hello Mr. Pandya,

    I am sorry that my innocuous comment led to an ugly turn in the discussion. I am extremely sorry to disturb the decorum of this blog.

    Jai Bharat!! Jai Maharashtra!!


  54. Mr.Indian from Maharashtra you go in slums of Mumbai and tell me situation,if Mumbai is first place other city will be second,dont you know Mr.Morarji Desai Bloody Fucker killed 106 Marathi People in Samyutkta Maharashtra Andolan.These people are on the record real death toll was 240 which is never reveals
    Mr.Indian from Maharashtra go in south India then tell me your patriotism,they Never Talk In hindi
    India is country where every language is different
    if people dont show respect to the loacal culture although they are staying in Particular state what is importance of United india.
    Maharshtra is the state Established on the basis of language Mr.Pandya started discriminating people of India I wasn’t Maharashtra is full of natural resources and that resource should use for people living in the same territory.This Maharashtra is the place not made for outsiders they have their own places to exploit
    what happens when Huge population of outsiders come to city
    1.Heavy Traffic on road,Heavy trains developing slums
    2.Cultural loss which cannot recovered
    3.Outsiders always shows how india is United when some one say something about local community.
    4.Outsiders always underestimates to local people as they came from alien place
    5.They nothing to do with local to prosper state and local community
    6.they want money when government fails to provide
    facilities they blame on goverment.
    7. Government of Maharashtra is planning thing with MMRDA but due to Outsiders only infrastructure is not able to carry load.

  55. yes we accept that migrants have built this city.. yes hindi should be follow in mumbai… yes this is a bombay not mumbai …yes every body are welcome here… yes…this one .. and yes that one…
    BUT does this mean marathis are not son of soil?

    This is our land and she is our mother.. how do you feel when somebody say to you, “your mother is not your mother anymore”.

  56. @abhijit:- are u insane dude ?

    please don’t post any further ; please.

    And all you guys please stop this.

    @pandya :- see … you are a bad man really a bad man … after some day you will definitely regret on this. and i am quite sure that .. you ll say to your mom/dad who are you? i built this house.. there was nothing in this house i bought this and that.

    every indian has a right to live anywhere in india when he/she is giving a respect to local people.

    yes we accept that migrants have built this city.. yes hindi should be follow in mumbai… yes this is a bombay not mumbai …yes every body are welcome here… yes…this one .. and yes that one…
    BUT does this mean marathis are not son of soil?

    This is our land and she is our mother.. how do you feel when somebody say to you, "your mother is not your mother anymore".


    language is identity once you lost that, no one will care about you

  57. rnrnevery indian has a right to live anywhere in india when he/she is giving a respect to local people.rnrn

  58. Dear prashant can you tell me which is best way to get rid of nonscence out sider who are coming in our house and telling this is not yours.Out siders dont respect local they are searching myths and facts.Are they hold right to leave in Maharashtra.

  59. Mr.Pandya your facts aren't really satisfactory.Though some are, few of your facts have no basis to believe they're true.Mumbai was never a part of Gujarat nor did Gujaratis inherited it.When Mumbai was in a process of Economic growth, many people from other states came to settle here including Gujaratis.Overcrowding in Mumbai can be blamed to this very reason.I'm not defaming anyone but that's a fact.And as you stated, Koli fisherman were the original residents, but didn't anyone tell you koli is a community included in Marathis.Parsis and Gujaratis played an important role in the economic development, yes they did but with some doing in an unethical manner.Many mill workers were unpaid and employed with false promises.I want to share a real life incident with you guys.I stay in Bandra, and I had a Gujarati friend since school.He was academically weak and didn't get into the list of colleges but he got through when his dad bribed of donation to the college.This is normally observed in all colleges.If you people believe that quota system to lower classes should be banned, they why do you Gujjus build colleges with Gujarati quota,Sindhi and Parshi quota? I'm not completely opposite to you, but what I do want to make you ensure is some of your facts are vague.And for that matter, I've examples of a gujju working as a maid in a maharashtrian house.The recent news that Parsi claimed to own a house in Mumbai stating that he is poor but when observed he had 90K worth property.From where did all this come from? There's no pin pointing anyone, not all the parsis are honest in their earning.I think you should just get your facts right.

  60. Hey all, none here has specifies the fact of the way the name of the city has evolved…. the narration begins such; on the lonely deserted island only a small fishermen n koli community lived. (so however if u want to consider them as locals, one can). the surrounding region was almost unoccupied, (the entire south gujarat coastal stip was unoccupied to add the reference to the fact), the region only had kolis on coast and warli tribes on foothills in the region, which is same as what it was in the region of southern gujarat tip. when somnath was attacked in 11th century, a relatively big bunch of folk left somnath and travelled for the means of inhabiting at a safer location. they travelled up north and then eastwards, when they met the eastern gujarat forest region, they moved southwards along with the forest strip instead of crossing over the forest. And they ended at the unnamed island on the tip of the southern gujarat part, the region only had some scattered shanties occupies by kolas or warlis as mentioned above. Now they were the first inhabiters or say migrants to the city. They established the Amba mata temple on the island, as their local goddess. And the devotional aartis included the name of the goddess as 'Ma amba', out of which the kolis who were konkani speakers could understand the whole name as the name of the goddess and they added 'aai', at the end of the name. And thus the name evolved as 'Mambaai', and further evolution made it Mumbai and the name of the goddess evolved as the Mumba devil, to create an identity that of different from Amba mata, whose temple is located in the northern gujarat at Ambaji. And so the name evolved. The portugese and britishers had then spoilt the name of the city for their convinience of speaking to Bombay. Which absolutely doesn't make sense to me as a Gujarati. and I would have appreciated indians if they would have dumped the name right away on the decline of the british empire. Well, later to that many parsis and gujaratis migrated to mumbai for the means of business on the arrival of the britishers on the island. Marathis migrated all the way later in the late 19th and early 20th century to work as a mill workers to be precise. So, firsty if its the matter of being local… please spare me, never say that marathis are locals. Sorry dudes, you are not. You guys are migrants too; and that also one of those who migrated very late. so don't call yourselves local. Poor konkani fishermen were locals and none asks for them. Gujaratis still hold the prior rights to the city. Marathis could get the city in their state (literally to make the city a gutter after 50 years down the line), by promoting their violent nature at the time of the partition; What still amazes me is that they still cant get rid of that fight. Better they shall know that something which is not yours can never be yours, how much so ever you fight. It was gujaratis whose ventures into mills brought employment to marathis mazdoors from some regions in maharashtra, who migrated for that reason. And when it came to partition, they want to claim the city from those who brought them there. In which world is this possible. But the kind attitude and the farsightedness of gujaratis let the things happen and they let the city go to wrong hands. Unfortunately the city's administration and politics sucks today. So, well my argument is, what is never yours cant never be yours, how much so ever you might fight. And anyways none can force anyone to live at any place and to leave any place. I hope all marathi better understand this historical trace and be thankful to gujaratis and parsis to bring them to the city and please live peacefully as you are given space here. (FYI: at the time of the partition, mumbai's constitution has this written that gujaratis in mumbai shall b given their own space and city belongs to them as well as any local. they shall never be exploited or targeted under any mass casualty action) (info gathered and captured from gazetteer and authentic source of literature)

  61. Dear Maddy, please grow up and instead of manipulating history to attach with the marathi sentiments. Read through this my article. There are no manipulations in this. And please spare us by saying that kolas were marathis, they were konkanis. And which is genetically different ethnic group from marathis. Mumbai never was of marathis, neither they are sons of this soil. Please get the correct and non manipulated authentic data. (And FYI: Mumbai had long been a part of gujarati authentic literature too, its very easy to say that they were outsiders, but just some kilometers off the region of gujarat stood and as u might know no region has any sharp boundaries, ir just blends in, just the same way gujaratis and their region of gujarat blended and melted into this island, the political boundaries for that matter are unreliable and unauthentic. Political boundaries are forced and biased to promote regionalism, its always better to refer to cultural boundaries) so before telling some one to grow up, one himself shall and one should not just claim things out of air. All you are talking about are manipulated and politically charged stories.

  62. And mumbapuri name was later on conceived as one alternate name, (as most indian cities have several names conceived by differ nt castes and communities) authentic name and its evolution is depicted above by me.

  63. And for many who have commented that kolas are found only in maharashtra or so…. well, having coastline anyplace will have this community, and so even gujarat has kolis throughout its long coastline. So, better be correct with your baseless and uncited statements. kolis are found in abundance in any coastal part of gujarat same as goa or so….

  64. mr. abhijeet, and tell me bro whether u will make pakistan ally or India,elseworth pakistan will not hesitate to convert ur land into ashes.u should also note that pakistanis hav atom bombs.

  65. I challenge Mr.Abhijeet and his supporters to seperate Maharashtra from India if they hav any power or what u call 'dum'.

  66. i m very pleasd and happy to @saurabh shukla research full comment. sir, actual problem according to me is the irregular proportion of development across the india!which leads to migrants problem!! it being the same more or less as resevation

  67. are bhai itna hi facts pata hai to kitab kyon nahi publish karte….karke dekho..na tum rahoge na tumhari kitab



  70. this is all bull shit…. Mr pandya…
    or shud i call u mr ganda…only a greedy indian like u can come to this points & make myths of things…
    i think u shud visit states of karnataka, tamil nadu, kerala and andhara pradesh.. & u will know hw many ppl respect r national language [hindi]..
    You r the biggest hyprocrat… who’s doing half truth & whole lie… plz get some more knowledge of each state of india..
    Also dont forget… if you r travelling daily from surat to mumbai u’ll see how many gujarati’s travell illegaly in the central railways.. reservation compartment… by bribing TC monthly

  71. you have only written this article… coz u dint get a chance to be successful in mumbai..
    instead of respecting the big hearted culture of mahrashtrains who has allowed every religion to practice in thier state. just try practising any religion expect islam in Gulf countires.. & u knw wat will be chopped of yours…
    with all oyur fake number’s & percentage’s only a dum ganda like u will agree with you…
    look @ the state of gujarat.. alcohol is banned.. but sold every wer… rajasthan another rich state.. but oly for rich ppl… mumbai serves all rich poor…dosnt matter… repect that
    Mumbai has always & will be part of maharashtra..

  72. Sapan
    Just come out from dream what you have i am marketing guy and wondered in all Mumbai dont tell me Mumbai Dont belongs to Marathi it Belongs to kokani,you dont know the fact you are half in ground work,let me tell you people leaving in BANDRA Christen Community is Part of Marathi people.I will prove it just do one thing give your no i will tell you,And be prepared with what your memory card,that should be capable to get inserted in your brain.

  73. Sapan
    And Pandya
    For nurturing your half knowledge,

    East Indian dictionary to preserve local Marathi dialect
    Jul 10, 2012, 02.44AM IST TNN

    MUMBAI: A bid to preserve the heritage of local dialects in the region has begun with the launch of a project to record and produce a dictionary of the local Marathi dialect spoken by East Indians in the Mumbai region.

    The project is being undertaken by the Mumbai Gaothan Panchayat, an organization formed to promote the interests of the people living in traditional gaothans (villages). Panchayat leader Gleason Baretto said the dictionary will be in Marathi and English and will serve to preserve the language of the region.

    The East Indians, the local Christian community along with other Hindu communities, constitute the earliest inhabitants of the region.

    One of the organizers of the project, Prem Moraes, said several teams will work on the dictionary.

  74. 1st f al…apologies…if any maharashtrian has said any thing dat might hav hurt u in any ways….
    if a facility is meant fr 500 n 2000 r forced 2 use dat facility…den hw can a prsn live….d livin std f mumbaikars has dropped coz f dis….so d immigrant populatn shud b controlled…..sala main 4yrs engg k latakte hue jaata tha train me….coz f rush…
    actually marathi manus has gracefully accepted each culture….u go to south…n den u’l realize d diff…
    up n bihar ppl r lso nt at fault….coz dey dnt have any facilities…..colgs etc….dey r forced 2 muv out….
    d nly solutn fr dis is….developing up,bihar….no f developed cities in up bihar is very less… maharashtra has i.t. capitl pune n economic capital both…
    2ndly maharashtrians have wide range f interests …arts,science etc….gujratis mstly r intrstd in business…ex sachin tendulkar,lata mangeshkar etc
    so sayin dat gujratis r more successful dan marathis n many such things is nt corect…!!
    kunal sum f ur myths r hard 2 blv n i feel dey r incorrect….bt mst f ur statements r true…

  75. Now after Mumbai 11 Aug Marathi people should think about outsider,how outsiders are helping to execute violence from UP and BIHAR now the people from north should work on there own state than to start politics in our own Marathi state,and for all above writers please dont misunderstand Marathi people as its our history makes us very proud,so we dont like interfere other people in our own territory.We love our state and our Mother tongue.when our people feel that others are ignoring to our culture and local people we will never sit quite,so it it not iur falut if Raj Thakery speak something its due to other should respect our local culture,people like Abu azami are indirectly involved in the riot at CST station.

    so if you expect Marathi people should accept the others out siders like Pandya please be diluted with local than to show your inner teeth.

  76. MUMBAI got its name after the godess MUMBA DEVI. The next thing there are many european companies who want to invest in mumbai and want to set up factories in mumbai . So we MAHARASHTRIANS dont want the coward gujratis here . fuck you PANDYArn

  77. marathi ho ya gujrati ya hindi sabhi sanskrit indo european language se creat hue hain. aur insan ki adat hain ki wo hamesha compassion karta hain aur kabhi khush nahi rahta.

  78. according to geographical point of view people residing near and below the sindhu river are indians(bharat-name of king from duapar period,now haryana & UP),lord Ram from ayodhya,krishna from mathura,gautam buddha and mahavir from Bihar.most of people from other parts of bharats gained knowledge from nalanda,kashi.rn

  79. plz dont waste time on these issuses our neighbourhood countries are wanted us to busy in this kind of foolishness.be indian.rn

  80. Mumbai is integral part of Maharashtra and Maharashtra inturn an integral part of INDIA.
    We are all indians,Our country will really progress out of its heart when we all say we are one and I AM INDIAN.
    Every person,Community,religion is very scanty infront of INDIANNESS.
    We should say “I AM INDIAN” proudly.

  81. please cheek our history of Maharashtra then do argument mumbai belongs only to Maharashtra.
    also see british statement about shivaji raje.
    we dont care other cast pepole what think about us.
    ask ur self where are you from ? (jidhar ka khate ho udhar ki achaie nahi karne ati to buraie bhi maat karo)

  82. out of top 10 richest ppl of india 6 are gujarati,4 are marwari..so gujarati rox.

    Also maharashtra has no 100% electricity in villages,no water 4 farmers,

    Mumbai is developed,maharashtra is not.even in mumbai 65%ppl live in slum.

    Instead of fighting on mumbai,marathis shud think abt situation of maharashtra,agriculture,electricity.crisis need to be solved

  83. Hi,

    To everybody i would like to say that plz stop this regionalism that is eating our country today, like a cancer. As for who belongs to where, you see any town or city in india at max. has 30-40% of it’s original residents at max since during the development of the city & it’s expansion, peole from nearby villages & districts settle down then, when it becomes a big business center people from other small towns & villages also come due to widened oppurtunities, & of course livelyhood ,they can be from other state or other country for that matter(like London. So very few can claim their authority that they are sons of the soil. It’s such a pity in our country that we fight over these frivoulous issues, & cause hatrate among ourselves & the politicians are reaping it’s fruits, & weakening our democracy, for their own gains. I tell you a fact that once when i went to tirupati a group of marathi pilgrims were being loathed due to some fray incidence, by a local telegu man who was my friend. He was saying these marathis, need to taught a lesson.So,it is not that only marathis have hatrate among themselves for other communities, they also at times are hated outside maratha region, which should not be at all with any community. These stupid things should be stopped for our great nation’s sake.

  84. @ Yogesh- first of all Marathis who are sweeping our homes, washing our utensils, cleaning our toilets dont have the morla right to call us Gujaratis as cowards. Marathis never had the brains nor the courage to do business, every Gujarati no matter how rich or medium he is, is always hard-working (barring a few exceptions), unlike you Marathi ghatis who chew tobacco, waste your money on gambling and drinking. Your language speaks of a cheap, uncouth and dirty upbringing, which is typical to your people. We Gujaratis are and always will be an important part of Bombay – only someone not educated will be blind to the economic and financial progress that Gujaratis, Marwaris, Parsis and Sindhis have made in this city, not to mention the Bohras and Khojas (again Gujarati Muslims) – go back to your shit hole from where you came from, eat missal pav and drop dead. Marathis are 1st class cowards, incompetent, weak and lazy – better than you people are those UP and Biharis who atleast come here to work and make a living, thereby contributing to the daily services in the city –

  85. Wrong interpretation. if tommorrow somebody will encroaches your house and do some development ..would that house belong to him???

  86. Mr. Pandya (specially outsider)you thinking about only Mumbai, But, every maharashtrian thinking about Maharashtra . Mumbai is the part of Maharashtra. outsiders has dont love on maharashtra , they love on only mumbai for money dont gives historical proof to separate mumbai from Maharashtra……..Jay Maharashtra

  87. Baroda and Surat do not have migrant population… lol.. ignorant gujju… Baroda was part of the marathi empire and still have majority marathi speaking community… however over the years they have adopted speaking in gujuarati.. like some gujaratis in mumbai speak marathi…

    Mumbai belongs to pathare prabhus, caste in mahrashtra who settled in mumbai post portuguese 17th and 18th century, way before parsis and gujjus…

    third fact… gujjus didn’t build Mumbai… lol that is like patels going to USA and claiming to build USA… hilarious! Mumbai made gujjus! made them rich and took them out of the poverty of cycle… gujjus were economically backward and poor but their inclination to business and subsequent success changed things…

    Kunal pandya u must be a 14 year old…

  88. Bro, Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and u must speak Marathi in Mumbai.rnYou are so dumb that you dnt even know that KOLI PEOPLE are Marathi only.We are not against gujaratis we are againat these BIMARU state people who refused to accept the local culture and impose Hindi on them.

  89. Maharashtrians allowed people from other parts of country.Wheareas in cities like hyderabad and chennai they do not allow .They make that a big issue.Mumbai is part of maharashtra. But these people very consious about their language,culture etc.Its a good thing.But they comment on people from tamil nadu,kerala,uttar pradesh and bihar.They comment badly and do not give respect to such people.Its not a right thing.these people do not have a role in development of Mumbai city

  90. All people from out of Maharashtra,respect our culture and our tradition.Maharashtra is the best state in development,all people are coming here to have roji roti.We are not migrating to other states to earn roji roti.We are having enough correct your politicians.By which you will be within your state and your home land.
    India is our country.And i feel proud,being such crazy democracy in the world India is united.
    I salute Mr.Sardar Patel who took tremendous effort to make this country one.
    My mother tongue is Marathi and i born in Marathi speaking community it is called as Maharashtra and the major and widely used and spoken language is Marathi,even Indian film industry founded by Dadasaheb Phalke.So being Indian i like to be Marathi first because India isn’t something what kunal pandya is saying
    India is crazy country let me say that every region is different.
    So the people who are outsiders please respect local culture and people you will be living with lot of affection and love.
    And regarding developement of the state their are lot of parts of Maharashtra is much more better than Mumbai.
    Give respect and take respect
    Jay Maharashtra

  91. Kunal, you are another insane person I have seen who unnecessarily has created this rouge of regional communalism. You have written this so over confidently as if you were present at that time when this was happening, which is unlikely unless your forefathers have maintained a catalog of daily events within India. Because of people like you we have communal disputes, like they says more than the rumors, the person who is spreading the rumors is the culprit.

    Just to answer all your questions in one answer,

    About Gujarat – The first people who had settled in Gujarat were the Gujjars, who were from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Then came the Maurya dynasty when the ruler Chandragupta Maurya and his grandson, King Asoka, established their supremacy over the region. After his death, several dynasties like the Shungas, the Sakas, the maitrakas, the Chawura, the Solankis’, and the Baghilah, etc ruled Gujarat before the Muslims invaded the area and ruled there for around 400 years. Starting from Mahmud of Ghazni to Allaudin Khilji to King Akbar, all had conquered Gujarat with valor but soon the Muslims were expelled out by the Maratha king Shivaji.
    So it was our very own Maratha King Raje Shivaji, because of whom you call yourself what you are, otherwise you also would have been a part of the same regime.

  92. Abhijit and all rest who still insist and can't accept the fact of the glory of a Gujarati diaspora in Mumbai. My only argument for "Pseudos" and blinds like you is, WHY 80% of the revenue is still generated by Gujaratis only in Mumbai?" What are your Marathis doing "STILL"? If you think you have realised to be the so called natives. I would really suggest you all to grow up and work for your corrupt Maharashtra. It is literally going to dogs, look at it. Gujaratis have nurtured and made Mumbai an amazing place, and now it is the turn of the state of Gujarat. As you all are seeing the way it is emerging to be the model state. Gujaratis are now on a way to make Gujarat itself another booming place the way they have nurtured their Mumbai. I am seriously worried about what pseudo marathis are doing for their "beloved state" Maharashtra, apart from raising these spiced false claims. I am really saddened to see this state of the concerned community. I wish they may soon realize and start working towards their own prosperity they way gujaratis have done it for their beloved Mumbai and Gujarat and learn from them. Get well soon buddies.

  93. Nitish, I think u must be sick. Poor Gujratis? Grow up buddy, Gujarat had Cities (Bharuch, Khambhat, Patan, Ahmedabad) when Maharashtra was entirely a poor region. Maharashtra Region never had ports when Gujarat ports had already flourished. Gujaratis were rich since existed. Get your history and logic correct. Mumbai became port due to gujaratis prior experience of building up ports in gujarat like bharuch, khambhat, surat. So grow up buddy. Gujaratis built and nurtured Mumbai and not the other way, Gujarat, gujarati cities, and rich gujarati businessmen existed before the fucking mumbai rose, that too by gujaratis only. It was Surat prior to Mumbai established before 16th century. And for your info it is in gujarat and a gujarati town only!! I hope you are matured enough to understand this and wont argue like a blind anymore. 🙂

  94. sapan darling , cool down , yes its ur mumbai & amchi mumbai 🙂 only point was hurt the most is marathis are not native people …. by the way

    1) gujrati are brain for the mumbai … true
    2) mumbai is second(for some, primary cause they lived here for so long ) home for gujrati …true
    3) guratis are rich community … true

    BUT having said that … you cant ignore following facts
    1) native people are marathis
    2) most of the working class people are marathis (they worked under gujrati only 🙂 :))
    3) marathis is the heart for mumbai. ( i can give so many example but do not want to do this here police, bmc , hospitals … etc do ur calculation)

    So please forgive us, if anybody from marathi hurt you.
    Your Maharashtrian friend.

  95. Good article Kunal. But, are these issues so important over there. Bombay becoming Mumbai wasn't that bad though, can't fault people for calling it Bombay either. Perhaps, the Maharashtrians of Mumbai have a certain siege mentality, the fear of being overrun by the teaming migrants. Of course, the Gujaratis, Parsis etc have been the part and parcel of the city as much as the Maharashtrians have been of Baroda or Indore. While the blame has to be shared by Balasaheb Thackeray's politics of xenophobia, the reluctance of the congress government under Nehru can't escape blame for denying the just demand of a separate linguistic state. I mean, a united Marathi-Gujrati Bombay was bad and impractical idea.

  96. Mumbai is capital of Maharashtra
    capital of india is delhi …so you(migrants)go and scrub yor ass there
    And the bitches like you can only talk on social media go and read some history about maharashtra formation…Yo wrote this article but the fact is you don’t know anything gujratis a coward people
    Mumbai was is and will always be for Maharashtra marathi people///
    so migrants keep dreaming about mumbai is everyone the dreame which never comes true coz Mumbai belongs to marathi others suckks

  97. Dear friend,
    I can understand your frustration and how poor ur history is ..
    Tomorrow u will say Pune and Nagpur is also developed by Gujjus .if Mumbai is developed by Gujarati then why could not Ahmedabad is like Mumbai and Surat is like Pune ?? When u say maharastrian as migrant in Mumbai .. Excuse me .. Are Tamils are migrants in chennai ?? Are Kannada people migrants in Bangalore ? Are Gujjus migrant in Ahmedabad ?? So please .. We respect all people who are living in Mumbai & developed it for years and people like u should go to ur own state and make another Mumbai if u think u alone did it ..state in India formed on basic of languages .. Mumbai included in because Mumbai belonged to Marathi people ..Gujjus and parshies came here for business just like now people from other state going to Bangalore to IT jobs that does not mean Bangalore belong to them ..Maratha emperor was spread till Jhansi ,Punjab and those who went their never returned back and setted in some cities of MP and Gujrat in 16th century. Do ever call Ahmedabad is ours or Surat is our because of that ?? When u call Mumbai is urs we don’t have problem but when u say Mumbai is only urs and u only developed Mumbai then we have problem buddy .. When u say Mararhi work under Gujju can check fact that Maharashtra per capita income is much higher than Gujrat .I am sure after few day they will say Delhi is ours because PM is from Gujrat ..lol .. We can understand ur frustration buddy and for ur information we also PUNE which is much industrial and IT hub after Bangalore .. Poor Ahmedabad is nowhere in list .. What gujratis really doing ?? Are they developing only others state ?? Haha.. I don’t say Mumbai is only belong to Marathi people but u should remember that by writing such articles not going to make u hero of Gujjus .. Instead do some productive work .. Check Mumbai when Maharashtra was formed and now where it is .. It’s because of some great development policies implemented by state government and still now after growing so much goverment making so much effort to make us feel proud .. We wil keep welcoming people here but u should not challenge us such stupid articles else we can also write same article to show what you really are here

  98. Guys, let us talk sense.
    1).Mumbai kisi ke baab ki nhi hai.
    2).The facts shown in the article are true. If anyone has objection, search on google.
    3). Mumbai is India’s financial capital. It development has contribution from people from all over India.

    4). Majority of marathis behave like goons when someone talk about Mumbai belong to non- marathis.

    5). Majority of marathis in Mumbai live in slums.

    6). Marathis think they have proud culture but truth is they are irrelevant to the rest of the country and to the non-marathis living in Mumbai.

    7). Last thing, one Marathi in some above post was talking about UP n Bihar. The fact is UP is the biggest state in d country is not Bihar. Some part of UP i.e eastern UP touches Bihar, in that many biharis have migrated many decades ago n the language they use is Bhojpuri. People of that part of d country call themselves “We belong to UP Bihar”. In UP shudh Hindi spoken along with some dialects like hariyanvi, Avadhi, Braj etc. There is no comparison between UP n Bihar. UP has second largest GDP in d country.

    8). PS- I am a Naval Soldier, posted in Colaba. Once, I had beaten a MNS Gunda when he was abusing Hindi.

  99. Dear Kiranpal,
    Here is my comments to your points
    1.Mumbai kisi ke bap ki nahi .. Very true.and we don’t have problem with it. But we have problem when u outsider say Mumbai doesnot belong to Marathi. Do you region of Maratha empire ? You gave me reference of Google so I ask you to go to google image search and type Maratha empire and check reality.. And similarly Bangalore chennai,Kolkata bhi kisi ke baap Ka nahi ? Correct ? Why you don’t go there and claim same thing in those cities and see the reactions ? I am sure u will be thrown out.
    2.facts shown are partially true check history before history
    3. Yes everyone knows this and don’t need your certification
    4. At they live in their own state.they don’t go to other states like UP,Biharis and for that matter where the poor Gujrati from Ahmedabad live ? In Ahmedabad or somewhere else ? When u call us poor can check per capita income of Maharashtra ? It’s highest in country (larger states ) and GDP of Maharashtra is much higher than any other states even we exclude Mumbai from it. Have u seen rest of Maharashtra how prosperous people are ? They never go other states to search jobs like u
    5. Our culture ? Do u ever celebrate festival like Ganapti ? Do even know about what is Dahi hadi is ? Did u checked history of Maratha empire and until where it was spread ? Do u know why people want settle here ? Culture ki bat karta he.. What’s ur culture dude ? Yahi ki dusro ke ghar me Jakar Unko hi galiya do ? Yahi tumhara culture he. If u want respect learn to give respect
    7. UP .. Do u know per capita income of UP ? And HDI ? And most of GDP is because of NCR Region.if you remove that I think it will be 2nd from last after Bihar 😂 tumhare Kanpur aur Lucknow se bada to Hamara Nashik and Nagpur he 😂
    8. Don’t compare MNS with entire Marathi community .they never win elections and not represent entire community

  100. Chhatrapati meaning for those who dont know it

    EMPEROR of the Hindu Kings of Earth.

    Hope u got it now.

    As Marathas have saved India from Moughals and killed aurangzeb MARATHI should be national language of India.

  101. These five states are parasites on Mother India. They should be jailed in their states.

  102. Marathi,Goan,Gujarati,Kannada(specially north and west) all these four are ethnic and culturally brothers.

    Marathi,Goan,Gujarati,Kannada culture and ethnics are nearly same.

    So for their existance In HINDIA these four should never fight with each othrer on petty Issues and shouldnt resist Inte migration. As these four are West India and cultured educated and sophisticated states.

  103. Indian Prime minister should always be a Marathi.
    India owes everything to marathis.
    Marathis only respect the culture of punjabi,kashmiri,andhra,gujarati,haryanvi,assamese,rajasthani, kannada,himachali,tamil,malyalam,bengali,oriya,all north east, pahari.etc…As all these are ethnic cultures of india

    Marathis never and will never respect any mp, up, bihar,jharkhandi or chhatisgari as they have no ethnic identity and culture, they are the most backward, indisciplined, cunning and arrogant, half muslim people. These five states should always respect the ethnic states.

    These 05 states should keep there state in order rather than spitting garbage in bangalore mumbai, kolkata, delhi , punjab or chennai, assam.

    It is because of maratha that these 05 states are there or they would have been merged in afganstan.

  104. Sikh, Rajput, Jat, Dogra, Dravidian and Chhatrasal bundela kings used to salute Chhatrapati.
    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (with due respect) was a powerful, intelligent and secular emperor. He created the first Navy In Asia. Pls owe respect to him and marathas or India will again go to slavery . The nation who forget there heroes will surely become slave one day. Nehru feared Sikhs and Marathas so he was hesitating creating Punjab and Maharashtra.

    The people who support migration let’s us send few crore of migrants to their state. Then we see how they behave.

  105. Indians owes everything to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Rana Pratap, Guru govind singh ji (Sikhs), Dravidian Cholas, Pandayan and Vijaynagar empire.

    HINDIANS from these 05 states did nothing productive rather than spitting hatred,gossiping and politisizing. And now they want whole India to be HINDIAN and elect Yadavs there.

    All ethnic states should come together to oppose the domination of these HINDIANS or all MLAs or MPs In India will only be Yadavs.

  106. Marathi should be official language of UP,MP,Bihar,JH,and CG.

    This is the only way HINDIANS can return the favour to Marathas. As HINDIANS owe their existance, security and Jobs to marathas.

    Industries and offices In maharashtra are built on Marathi Farmer’s Land. Let see which HINDIAN farmer comes In front to give his land for Industries In these BIMARU states.

    Remember Bhatta parsaul and Singur….

  107. West UP should be a different state. They are more sophisticated than the rest of ganga kinara.

    West UP Is better that rest of the UP. They should demand statehood rather than living with the uncultured lot. They should go the Uttarakhand way. Then only will they prosper. Southern Jharkhand should demand statehood and merge with orissa then only they will survive OR this HINDIAN semi muslim brigade will swallow them also.

  108. What is Mumbai was once upon a time seven different island and was not known by Mumbai or Bombay then. So it is wrong to say that the original name was Mumbai.
    In those days it used to be Mazgaon or Sheenv or Kulaba , etc. It was only after the British took over the 7 islands and breached the gaps and named it as Bombay. So the original name was Bombay, but the original inhabitants were Marathi Kolis.
    Parsees and Gujaratis later on contibuted singularly to the economic development of Bombay.
    Bombay is a more preferred name than Mumbai because it sounds better and numerologically too the name Bombay was more luckier than Mumbai.
    All the major disasters hitting Bombay happened only after it was renamed as Mumbai like the 26/72005 Flood or the 26/11/2008 terror attack.
    Bombay belongs to Maharshtra and nobody is demanding its detachment from Maharshtra. These are only the bogeys raised by anti-social parties like Shiv Sena.
    And yes Capt.Nair of NSG laid down his life fighting against the terrorists in 26/11 and he was not a Marathi, so to say that where were the non-marathis during 26/11, this is my answer.
    And yes we love Bombay as we were born and brought up here and yes we can write and speak Marathi as well. And for us Chhatrapati Shivaji is our idol.

  109. Dear Swapnil
    Here are my comments :

    Poor marathi chap, you are talking about Maratha Empire. First the history dosen’t have any significance to the present. Earlier, Bihar was a prosperous state having

    Ashoka the Great ruling rest of the country from Patliputra(Patna) . But this history of Bihar dosen’t have any significance now. Similarly, Your so called maratha

    Empire is not significant now, nobody even talk about Shivaji. If muslims of our country start shouting we are the Great Muslims who ruled India earlier, does it make

    any sense today ? Anwwer is No!!!
    Come out of the walls of Maharashtra, if you talk this shit to non-marathis about Maratha n Shivaji, people will laugh at you. Only talking about the Maratha Empire n

    Shivaji shows narrow-mindedness n this is a proof of your marathis being underperviliged and uneducated.

    Yes, It is totally correct Noida in UP, Banglore in Karnatka, Kolkata in Bengal. Kisi ke baap ke shehar nhi hai. And, I can say it in front of anyone. And I have also

    said the same things about Mumbai. Nobody has thrown me out. These cities are developed by all people of the country. Everybody has right to go anywhere and settle

    down there.

    You marathis are poor. And, it is a fact. You can check the google. Major regions like Vidarbha, Marathvada, Konkan are in pathetic conditions. Maharashtra is the

    state where maximum no. of farmers have committed suicide. 70 % of Marathis constitute total population of Mumbai. And look what they are doing. Labour jobs, auto-

    rickshaw drivering, Kaam vali bai, Sabji wala etc. Even at my Colaba residence of Navy Quarters, menial jobs are done by only marathis.
    Maharashtra is the state where 46% of people don’t have toilels at home. You are talking about per capita income of Maharahtra, you poor marathi chap, Mumabi & Pune

    has contributed highly to the GDP & Per Capita Income of the Maharashtra. And, who are doing high salaried jobs, business, IT work in these two cities, these are

    mostly non-marathis from Gujarat, MP, UP, Rajastan, Jarkhand & Bihar, Punjab etc. Who is runnning the bollywood industry in Mumbai ? Who are the bureaucrats in Mumbai

    ? Who are in Merchant Navy in Mumbai responsible of handling business at sea-ports ? Who are the military personals posted in Colaba ? They are mostly North indians

    from states of UP, Haryana, Rajasthan, Bihar, Punjab etc. Because of the contribution of these people Per Capita Income of Maharashtra seems good on paper but Marathi

    Manus is underperviliged. You said Marathis are prosperous …:-D are you joking..? No way. You said – “We don’t go to other places to search jobs thats y we are

    prosperos”….This is the most absurd statement I have ever heard. It dosen’t make any sense. You poor marathis chap. I am in Indian Navy, I am basically from Western

    UP. Where should I go. Definitely, my job profile demands me to go to the sea shores of the country. Similarly, one of my uncle is a Senior Manager in IT company,

    where will he go ? Will he go to J&K or Assam. He has been transferred to Pune by his company. Since, Me and my uncle becuase of job requirement have come out of our

    home state, So, we are poor, you uneducated and unqualified marathis don’t know anything, So, you remain in Maharashtra. So, it means are your rich 😀

    You were taling about UP Bihar. First of all these are two different states. Yes, I agree some portion of UP is bhojpuri becaue of large scale migration of bihari

    people there. Also, Bihar is the state which is growing with the highest GDP in the country. Slowly, Bihar is coming into the track. Your will witness the changes in

    some coming years.You talked about removing NCR regions from UP. You do the same thing remove Mumbai & Pune from Maharashtra then see where this Maharashtra stands, it

    will come into the category of least developed states.

    Also, you should also understand UP is the largest state of the country having population more than 24 crore. It is itself is the 5th largest country on earth. Becaue

    of your lack of exposure and education you have seen only labouer class of UP which comes from Eastern UP in Mumbai. UP is the state which has given max no. of

    bureaucrats-IAS, IPS, military personalls, sportsmen like Major Dhayn Chand, Bollywood stars, Prime Ministers, Media persons, Bharat Ratnas, IITians, doctors etc.

    Literature and culture of UP is taught in schools, it’s language hindi and urdu are the offical languages of our contry’s constitution. You taked about Kanpur &

    Lucknow being smaller in size in Nagpur & Nasik. I think you should also need to know. UP has got the highest no. of 2-tier cities in the countries. Recenly, the gov.

    of India decided to give future smart cities to all sates of India and UP got the highest 16 cities while maharashtra got only 6.

    If I start, many things would into light of UP. Yes, I also agree being the largest state it has some administrative problems in some rural areas. Which are being

    tackled by the state and central gov.

    One more thing, I and majority of people residing in Mumbai or Pune are not interested in your marathi festivals. I don’t even think about what u do or celebrate. I

    have some gujrati friends in mumbai and they only abuse Marathis because of Goonda Politics by Shiv Sena and MNS. If you ask any non-marathi outside Maharashtra he

    will two answers, first – he dosen’t know who u marathis are, how do u look, what u speak, u marathis are oblivion to him. Second–He will relate u with the Goonda

    parties of shiv sena or MNS.

  110. Why HINDIANS are always in search for shortcuts to get their work done….They are always looking for agents and bribing someone to get things done. They are spoiling our govt officials and politicians for their vested interests.

    Ashoka was a savage who killed 2 lac odiyas in a go….he can never be great…..Hope u know kalinga war..

  111. I did some doctorate research on Mumbai and I came across this blog. As the blog itself and the comments seems amazingly short on facts, I would like to set the record straight.

    Internationally, ownership of any region is determined not just by one factor but by several. Such as History, Geography, Legal and demographic aspects.

    1. Geographically Mumbai is clearly a part of Konkan and Maharashtra. It is surrounded by Marathi speaking regions and depends on Maharashtra for its water. No no context there.
    2. Historically, the region was populated by the first settlers who spoke dialects of Marathi and aligned themselves with the people of surrounding regions of Maharashtra and it’s rulers.
    3. Legally both the occupation by the Portuguese as well as the British can be seen as illegal occupation/ colonization. The fact that they developed some infrastructure is immaterial because that happened in all the trading posts including Hong Kong. The clubbing of Mumbai in Bombay presidency is therefore a non factor here. It was a wide region formed for administrative convenience one has to remember that the colonial powers were at wars with the Marathas so obviously they could not include Maharashtra in it.
    4. Demographics are the least important factor due to the fact that it is the most dynamic parameter and undergoes change every few decades. Marathis are the largest group in Mumbai but I believe the argument is settled by the first 3 points even if they were not.

    Many people bring out the aspect of who contributed most to the economic development etc. One must remember here that British supplanted the merchants of Gujarat and Parsis and gave them huge concessions and advantages over the others. They handsomely rewarded Parsis for carrying the mantle of Opium trade for them in China. It is no wonder that these advantaged groups did well for themselves. In any case if development was a factor in determining the ownership then China would own half of Africa by now and Europeans would still own much of their colonies including Goa.

    Last point here, the so called violent agitation referred to by Mr.Pandya is actually a tragic incident when a Gujarati chief minister ordered the police to fire on unarmed Marathis protesters. One must use play of words carefully.

  112. Kiranpal Singh,

    Everything that you wrote in your long post applies to the people of UP and Bihar. I am a Gujarati but I have lived in Maharashtra for 25 years, travelled extensively and I can tell you that Marathis outside Mumbai are not poor as you try to portray. A lot of people are earning a lot and they are getting more and more entrepreneurial. Your praise of UP clearly exposes your extremely biased mindset. Rather than rebutting you point by point, or launching into comparisons, let me be short and sweet that UP is the worst and the most lawless place in India. Yes it gave more PMs than any other state, but did we ask you for it? Because of its large population, UP has been a burden on this country. You claim to be in Navy but your utter ignorance of history and comments about others and specially Shivaji reveal a slum people mentality. I think you should go back to rowing your naav in Ganga and clean it first.

  113. Thank you Hiren and Dave..
    I think i dont need to explain shit to this half mad guy Kiranpal. I think he is already frustreted in life and fucked up by some marathi guy..This is how some people make maharashtrians angry over social issues otherwise Gujarati and Bengali ,punjabi know how loving and peaceful marathi people are.. Such people encourages parties like MNS and Shivsena

  114. Kudos to Hiren, Dave, Swapnil.

    We know that the North India is fucked by UP/Bihar Upper castes resulting in brutal reactions from UP/Bihar Muslims and Dalits.

    Dalits and Muslims are punishing these UP/Bihar Upper castes by voting Lalu and Mulayam still this morons have not come to terms.

    Because of these fuckers SC/ST acts, Reservation, Dowry Acts, Girl Child acts, communal acts have been passed in parliament which Impact all Indians.

    These is reservation in mahastra even though these is no catesism here.
    These dowry laws SC/ST laws are not needed except Hindian belt.



    I feel this is enough for now.

  115. Hiren Vyas,
    Bro, first of all u come out of the walls of Maharashtra. I am not portraying marathis as poor. You can check the facts because facts don’t lie. Kindly, go through my earlier comments again and you can check their authenticity. Every state has a mixure of poor and rich people. My comments were in response to a Marathi chap swapnil who was claiming we marathis are very properous without any logic. Secondly, my conscience is clear so there is no point of being biased. I have not overpraised UP , I have just given only facts about this state also I don’t have any relation with Bihar because it is around 1000 km away from where I live in UP at Ghaziabad(Delhi/NCR). In addition, you are not an authority to decide which state is worst. Your opinion of saying UP is worst state is insignificant. Kindly, check National Crime Record Bureau on internet. You will see states like like Bengal, MP tops the telly in Rapes category. Delhi & UP do not have only right in this country to commit crime. You should also understand the news channels that you are watching these are

  116. You should also understand the news channels that u r watching are "Hindi News Channels" which most of the time cover only Hindi belt of this country i.e Delhi and UP which might have helped you in creating a negative image of Delhi and UP. Also, Hindi media doesn't have any interest in ur Maharashtra. UP being the largest state So definitely it has some administrative problems, which is quite normal. UP is composed of 4 states. It is d second largest economy and no. 1 tourist state in India. So, ur views of calling it a burden and the worst state doesn't have significance.

  117. Swapnil,

    Poor Marathi Chap, I think you must have got some solace from Hiren views. It is quite normal 😀 but facts don’t lie.Please don’t get concerned about me whether I am frustrated in life or not. Again your views like “Gujarati, Bengali , Punjabi knows how peaceful and loving we marathis are….” shows your immaturity and lack of exposure to the outside world. Your parties like Shiv Sena & MNS are a reflection of a frustrated Marathi Manus. I request u to enhance ur knowledge, interact with north Indians then present ur views in public forum.

  118. To,
    Chhatrapati Sanjayji,

    Dear dark skined Marathi Dog,

    First of all your statment in your last comment like ” Kudos to Hiren, Dave, Swapnil”….shows you got some relief after your ‘Marathi Asmita’ was hurt after reading my long reply to Swapnil where I presented facts about your Maharashtra. Secondly, Your statement like
    “North India is fucked by UP/Bihar Upper castes resulting in brutal reactions from UP/Bihar Muslims and Dalits”….dosen’t have any significance. Are you a political pandit to decide who is fucking whom ?
    I request you not to give some irrelevant statements because you dark skined uneducated marathis don’t know a shit about politics of North. North Indians fully understand what is happeing in UP, Delhi, Bihar, Haryana etc. We are the people who are ruling this country.

    Your next statement like “Because of these fuckers SC/ST acts, Reservation, Dowry Acts, Girl Child acts, communal acts have been passed in parliament which Impact all Indians…..”

    In this statement you have admitted that we north indians pass the law, so it directly means we hold the majority of the power of this country. Rest of the content in the above statement is irrelevant which I don’t want to discuss.

    And, don’t give Faltu links in your comments. I can also give you links about your so called Maharashtra that will humiliate you. Also, I am not interested in Bihar about what the fuck is going on there.

    Your comments lack knowledge and maturity. So, don’t post unnecessary things.

  119. FYI India's 60 % dark skinned people live in HINDIAN belt. And those who are pale are because of Moughal and British Invasion. U know.

  120. yeh nahi sudhrega ur na hi khud ki galti manega……I can understand your frustration buddy. Pls take care of your 35 crore more brothers which will be coming solely from UP/Bihar till 2050. You might have to make more laws then.rnrn

  121. These upper caste UP/Biharis used to call muslims and lower castes dark skinned, chamar, bhangi, chuda and treat them like slaves. And are getting punished now by maya, yadavs and azams from last 30 yrs.. Carry on buddy…..Dalits and muslims have to reproduce more for their safety from these ranveer sena/thakur/pandey thugs. Great that these M-Y-D combination is screwing these thugs. they very well deserve it. Yeh jitna mooh kholenge utni inki bajegi khud ke state mein.

  122. Chhatrapati Sanjayji

    Dear black Marathi Dog,

    I feel Sorry for you. There is a perfect term in Hindi called ‘Chutiya’ and it best suits you. Have you done any Phd in Castism ? From your comments, it appears your views are irrational and biased as you are associating everything with castism in UP/Bihar. As I said earlier are you a political pandit to decide how muslims and dalits of North are going to vote. After going through your views above it appears your thinking is socaked into castism and your thinking is very negative and biased about UP/Bihar. First of all, these are two separate states having different socio, economic and political parameters. You might have seen only Bhojpuri UP which adjacents Bihar. Do some google and learn about UP.

    To add to your knowledge, I also don’t believe in castism. Castism has been a social problem in India. Elements of castism are prevalent everywhere from Rajashtan, UP,UK, TamilNadu, Punjab, Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, MP etc. Come out of your Maharashtra.

    Also, don’t get concern about what is happening in North because we don’t need your advice. You marathis are nothing to us. For us, your existenance and views don’t have any importance.

    Your frustated comments shows you got offended by the ‘Respect’ I gave to your community. It was necessary to show you your worth

  123. Mumbai toh alag kar pavoge par paani aur electricity kaha se lavoge??? Maharashtra gives most of its water and uninterrupted power supply to Mumbai… Eat that

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  125. Black Marathi Dog,

    Chhatapati Sanjayji,

    I think you uneducated Marathis have a psychological defect as I think you have a hatred and jealously towards UP. You BC, whatever happened in Dadri is a shame for d country.and u still trying to associate it with UP this shows your narrow thinking. Secondly, do u expect d news of Maharashtra, Bengal or TamilNadu to come in Hindi media. You MC, Hindi media has relevance to North India only. This matter of Dadri has been echoed till UNO. Take care of ur unrecognized marathis who are committing suicides.

  126. Marathi Dog,
    Chhatarpati Sanjayji

    You r a complete Madarchod 😀 …I can’t resist laughing. I don’t want to react to ur postings above. Come out of ur obsession from the largest state of the country. 😀

  127. One more thing you can also browse these kind of incidents about Delhi. U will find them in plenty. :-D….oh man ….I wish I could see u….u r a complete Chutiya…. Poor Marathi Manus 😀

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  129. I think marathis should know the fact that they cannot do anything to stop immigrants from UP and Bihar . It is their constitutional right . Maharastrian cant stop it . Moreover marathis did nothing for freedom of country ..all was done by bhaiyas and biharis . Lakshmi bai fought for her territory only that too in Up. bal gagadhar fought only for maharastra . Shivaji only for maharastra. not for country . wake up have feel for country .India was made super power by Indira gandhi and Atal bihari vajpayee not any maharastra .Freedom stuggle By gandhi and nehru. Maharastra was settled by Parshu Ram again a Bhaiya background. Mumbai has all IAS and IPS from UP , Bihar or Punjab . Mumbai is made posh by Gujjus , sindhis and punjabis not maharastrian. Shivaji was given recognition by a pandit from Vanaras again a Bhaiya . India top enterprenuer list has not a single maharastrian.Either gujju marwari and few bhaiya background. Top bollywood stars are Bhaiya like amitabbh , amir and many to name.
    All IITs and IIMs full of North publi with huge influx of Bihar and UP.
    If u maharastrian really hate bhaiyas, biharis and North Indians . then just declare Your own country and stop chanting name of Shri Ram, Shri Krishna , Lord Budha and Parshuram .. because they all are from UP and bihar .
    If U have gutts do it else keep the mess out of it .
    WE need national leader not regional leader .

    Without UP and Bihar Wala maharastra and Mumbai Cant run . See to it

    If every UP and Bihar wala has gone who will work there as a labour and also as IIT graduates.

    both as rich and poor are UP and Bihar wala also. Who will run companies.

  130. To all the marathis out there,

    Marathis are NOT peace loving. Show me one other state where there has been a party like shiv sena who’s only agenda is to attack non marathis. Marathis dont like biharis because they compete with local people for jobs. Have you wondered why the jobs go to non-marathis? because they are more hard working. The fact is Marathis are a LAZY lot. Also in 2000 years of history of India .Maharashtrans have never been responsible for any significant acheivement.

    Maharashtra is visited by people from other states only for Mumbai and Pune. These cities were never developed by marathis. The british started them and the parsis and gujjus sustained the momentum and now the UP and the biharis carry on their back. Think about it what do the marathis have apart from Mumbai and Pune… dry unproductive land( Banjar zameen )

    Dear Marathis no one loves you or the poor excuse of a state you call Maharashtra…. we are forced to visit your state because of lack of alternatives. Beleive me if we had another choice we would never set foot in your state again.

  131. I have seen maharastrian , majority are mean and think only of themselves and hate other culture . They think that they made Mumbai …LOL….their leader is Chatrapati shivaji …LOL…300 yr back same story ….he looted surat many times .. gujjus wont forget .. tats y they taking revenge by exploiting marathis in mumbai ….Marathis have no work except criticizing other people…jus dive and get lost in Arrabian Sea … I have stayed with many marathis they suck … never supportive .. always mean and try to show u inferior to them .. i don know wat speciallity they have.. one more thing .. they feel Mumbai Univ is worlds top Univ ..lols …..Mumbai is better then NY …..
    Ohh jesus ,, save these assholes .. They really suck and taking community to hell…
    Vada pav and misal are the best food ..lols
    Lavani is best dance in the world …LOLS
    Only marathis are devout to Ganapati .. lols .. show off and making mumbai more polluted … blaming on bhaiyas nad biharis .. if ur devout jus chant name of ganapti he will bless u max

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  133. If u r saying alll maharashtian r ghati den u r biggest fool bro. Dnt forgot dat ur community also had some backwardd ppls. One of my frnd is gujju nd he told me dat der r also sum bbackward ppls in our community which we called dem as bhangi so dat never mean all guujju community is bhangi nd wat ever . Our caste aalso have dat different language which we r calling ghati who stays near ghat all mmarathiss r not ghatti before saying us ghati think first dat ur community also had some bbackward ppls . Who told u dat onlyy marathi ppl r der in work of cleaning nd washing der cloths nd toilets just come wid me I will show u the peoples who r belong to ur community r also der in dis work . Bcoz of Ambani nd rest of all rich business man in gujjus not meann dat all gujjus r rich . Nd ur taking abt dirty chewing tobacoo huh! Come wid me I will show u how gujjus r chewing mawas nd gutka nd spitting on the street . Nd by the way richness nd poorness nevr belongs to any religion or caste . Nd wat ur saying abt drinkng nd doing gambling and all again will suggest u to come wid me nd I will show u how ganda bhai pplaying jhuaa nd eatng non veg like hel dude a buusiness man never reach to succes only by own hard work his emplooyess r also have an impt role in it nd employes r not only gujjus bt all caste peoples r der don't call all community ghati first u think a true differenc open caste maharashtian nd backword caste maharashtian nd the who stays near ghat u gaanda bhai's

  134. While talkng abt uneducated marathis. 1000 no. Of teachers r distribute towards all over mumbai ffrm a local village nd areas which r marathies . Due u knw who brought superfast computer in india first? Marathi man. Due u knw who is first doctor lady doctor frm india a marathi . The first cinema of India is made my marathi. Dadasaheb palke is the highest award in indian cinema . Who encourage women for studies a marathi lady who start education of women's . Ur talkng abt maratha empire just have look on it shivaji is only king who faughts 140 wars nd he win all wars nd defeated mugal he is the only king who brings muhgal to der knees . Just read the words of aurangzeb for shambaji maharaj . Don't say any thing for it bhajirao peshwa who capture 70 or 73 percent part of the india by defeatng muhgal . Who told u dat mumbai nd pune is own nd develop my gujjus nd all lol if really dey had done dis den y dey can't choose. First there native places for ddevelopment. U r talking abt uneducate marathis hAve u ever watch how bhayas r spittng on d roads streets. We dnt hate migrates dey r Indians dey can move evrywher wer dey wants to move ,migrate bt respect local people. By watching few uneducated person u can't blame whole community . U will also ffound many uneducate nd dirty fellows in ur community. Some ppls of ur community r also talking abt on community den wat u will say abt dem ? Nd if u r talkng dat marathi community r poor den u r wrng poorrness never belongs to anny caste . Der r many of my frnds r poor eeven after belonging toh gujju community bihari marvaries.

  135. All gujaratis are motherfucker…the bloody businessmen go and die in gujarat sea. y did yuh came here in Mumbai..Cuming to mumbai and talking sheat about maharastrian people..sade hue bhaji khane wale gujju..Why dont yuh live our mumbai..bloody assholes..and for ur kind information most of the bhaiyas are not educated..dirty fellows spitings on the road..making new new stories and telling us.. us..keep ur fake stories for urself. yuh bhangis and bhaiyas go and live ur life in our own place

  136. why marathis are so racist…?
    why marathis are so dark….?
    why all marathis look like ugly fugly dedfutiya dalit GHATI(machuvara)….bald black mambas…..?
    why GHATI (MACHUVARA )community considerd real dalit of india…..why……tell me….

  137. 105 marathis sacrificed their life to make Mumbai a part of Maharashtra
    End of story
    Also the britishers made mumbai
    The gujaratis were here just for profit

  138. Mr Bhavesh Yadav,

    Why ganga kinare wale fuck the woman in their families ?
    Why the woman have to take pallu from their own family members ?
    Why they have to put soda and Ice cubes in the Jaams of their husbanda friends ???

  139. Mr Bhavesh Yadav,

    Why ganga kinare wale fuck the woman in their families ?
    Why the woman have to take pallu from their own family members ?
    Why they have to put soda and Ice cubes in the Jaams of their husbanda friends ???

  140. My Yadav,
    Marathis are dark because they don’t have moughal genes and their grannies were not raped by moughal nawabs and their army ….which happened at enormous magnitude at ganga and jamuna kinara….Now you will be ashamed of being pale or fair…are u still proud ????

  141. dear Dark skinn marathi dog

    Poor marathi chap, you are talking about Maratha Empire. First the history dosen’t have any significance to the present. Earlier, Bihar(magadh) was a prosperous state in whole indian subcontinent having Mauryans empire (chandragupta maurya )or

    Ashoka the Great ruling rest of the country from Patliputra(Patna) . But this history of Bihar dosen’t have any significance now. Similarly, Your so called maratha

    Empire is not significant now, nobody even talk about Shivaji. If muslims of our country start shouting we are the Great Muslims who ruled India earlier, does it make

    any sense today ? Anwwer is No!!!
    Come out of the walls of Maharashtra, if you talk this shit to non-marathis about Maratha n Shivaji, people will laugh at you. Only talking about the Maratha Empire n

    Shivaji shows narrow-mindedness n this is a proof of your marathis being underperviliged and uneducated. search about maurya , gupta pala nanda yadav dynasty……… search about chandragupta maurya , ashoka samrat , chanakya , kautilya ,aryabhatt , Nalanda uiversity tab tujhe tere history ki aukat pata chalegi , bada history ki baat karta h na tu……

  142. Why ganga kinare wale fuck the woman in their families ?
    Why the woman have to take pallu from their own family members ?
    Why they have to put soda and Ice cubes in the Jaams of their husbands friends ???

    Marathis are dark because they don’t have moughal genes and their grannies were not raped by moughal nawabs and their army ….which happened at enormous magnitude at ganga and jamuna kinara….Now you will be ashamed of being pale or fair…are u still proud ????

  143. Dear Ghatkar…..
    Why marathi R. ankita lokhande loves h bihari L. of shushant singh rajput
    Why ghati girls sayli bhagat married Hot UP vala L. Navneet pratap singh yadav
    why balasaheb grand daughter married gujarati muslim guy
    why mohan bhagwat nephew urmilamatondkar married kashmiri muslim guy
    why marathi ghati n mavhuvara community married or affair with their own cousin sister ( mamaki ladki , buva ka ladka )
    can you plzz…….tell me…..@ dear Ghatkar


  145. Dear Atharva Wagh
    Truths should be in CAPITAL AND BOLD !



  146. Bhavesh yadav bhaiya
    Bhaiyyas have the jungle raj mentality
    Up bihar jharkhand are so under developed that the migration there is in negative
    Bhaiyas are nothing but pure losers
    They shit in the open in up bihar and are good for nothing but crimes
    Useless piece of shit

  147. Bhavesh yadav madarchot maaj ala ka re bhadvya Maharashtrat rahun ithech aai ghalto ka re salya
    Tuja address de dum ahe tr
    And you kunal pandya
    Bhava j kai kela te tu kela baki sgle chutiya gujjju tevde shane ja re bc layki nay tumchi marathi lokanshi compare karychi itkich jar khaaj ahe tr Gujarat la java ani lal kara aapli ithe mumbai var hakk gajvaycha nay…

  148. wow there are more gujratis and parsis in gujrat couldnt develeop there own state but few handful gujju parsis developed mumbai… wow..haha

  149. The real truth is that every part of India was under different rulers and there was no such place called India,Gujarat,Maharashtra etc.It was the British who annexed this land called it India and developed cities like Bombay,Madras,Calcutta,Karachi etc.Coming to Bombay it was capital of Bombay Presedency comprising of parts of present day Maharashtra,Sindh and Gijarat.Sindh seperated in 1947,Gujarat in 1961.Parts of Maharashtra like Marathwada,Vidarbha wre not even part of Bombay presidency.But a person born in Marathwada under Nizam rule feels he has more right over Bombay than a Gujarati,Parsi or a Bohri whose family is here for centuries.For natural reasons there has been an attempt by Marathis to flood Bombay since they feel insecure about losing Bombay-since Marathis are a minority here.They created Navi Mumbai and setteled millions from hinterland there and have tried to surround Mumbai by Marathi areas.The over population ofBombay is largely dur to influx from Konkan and not other states as is projected by Shiv Sena.Ofcourse every Indian including those from Konkan can come and earn here,but when a Marathi comes here he tries to behave patornizingly towards non marthis and calling others outsiders even original Bombayites like Parsis,Gujaratis,Sindhis,Khojas,Bohris.But Mumbai is like a sexy beautiful girl-her father,brother,husband,boyfriend,wanting to be next boyfriend,ex boyfriend-All try their best to control her-all feel she belongs to them-but in reality she belongs to no one and all are fools to imagine owning her.

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