Origin of Gods


Who is god? Where is god? Is there a god anyway?

Some people say that if you believe in ghost, you got to believe in god or vice-versa. Because if there is some negative power, there has to be a positive power; and there is no meaning of a positive power if there is nothing negative in this world. ‘The balance of power’ law. Well, but this is not why I am writing this article. I have a question – is there anything like a god or ghost anyway? I’m not asking if one of them exist, I’m questioning the existence of both of these figures or entities or powers or anything as such.

This doesn’t mean I don’t believe in god. I do but I still don’t know if he (or she) exists! My belief in god has one of the following reasons:

1) Since birth I’m being told to believe in god and to love him or to be afraid of him
2) Although my society has been believing in god, I have done my own ‘research’ and that’s why I believe in god and believe that he exists! May be out of faith or due to a hidden need and greed of asking for a helping hand when in trouble!

Now, remember I didn’t write that I don’t believe in god. I wrote that I have a question about his existence (‘his’ because there are very few female goddesses we’re aware of and even if there is one, she is a ‘sub-ordinate’ of a higher authority who’s a ‘he’). I am sure that my thinking is no different here than almost 80% of the young world population. Young population because today only the yough questions everything surrounding them including god. Believing in one that doesn’t exist is still a strong belief! We believe in so many things that don’t exist; which doesn’t mean that the belief is weak! This is not about the belief, this is about existence. We believe in aliens that according to science itself does not exist.

All religions have different conceptions of God

The Abrahamic conceptions of God include the Trinitarian view of Christians, the Kabbalistic definition of Jewish mysticism, and the Islamic concept of God. The Dharmic religions differ in their view of the divine: views of God in Hinduism vary by region, sect, and caste; the view of God in Buddhism is almost non-theist. Conceptions of God held by individual believers vary so widely that there is no clear consensus on the nature of God.

So when was the very first ‘god’ born? Some websites on the internet claim that there is no beginning for the god. A general question would go as to what is the purpose of a god, what’s the cause? Some articles state that everything that has a beginning has a cause and since there is no beginning for the god, he does not require any cause. Since the god is not bound by the time dimension that he created. Even time has a beginning but not the god himself.

Now, when we think of god, we think of a character that is almost human-alike. Some religions, therefore, differentiated themselves from the others and vandalized on ‘picturization’ of their god and started worshiping materials or objects such as fire or mosques etc. So, if the god is the ultimate power, the one who controls the entire universe, should necessarily be a human-like figure? And if he controls the entire universe, where does he himself live? Does he have two legs, two arms, one nose, two eyes, two ears, one heart, two kidneys like us humans? Lord Vishnu, on the contrary, one of the 3 founding lords of the universe – according to Hinduism, has 4 arms; Lord Brahma has 3 heads; Ravana, a negative figure in the Ramayana, the ‘Anti-Christ’ had 11 heads! Now, did he really had 11 heads, that is if he existed at all, or it took lord Ram some kind of 11 efforts to actually remove him from this earth! It will be impossible now to know the fact as to was it really a fact or fiction. We can only use our imaginative power and logic to figure this out and perhaps that is what religions world-wide have been doing.

Whenever we think of aliens, we think of creatures that mimic living beings of the earth. The Hollywood blockbuster ‘Avatar’ resembles a Sanskrit meaning which means ‘incarnation’ or a ‘re-birth’ as according to Hindu belief, there is a life after death and there are chances of you being re-born as a human. This is the same belief why the ancient Egyptians built Mummies. Interestingly, our imagination is limited to the world which we know. An ant can not think of a 3D world since it can only see everything in 2D. The poor ant can not differentiate between an elephant and a human using its eyes as it sees everything in just 2 dimensions. For the ant, a 3D view is unimaginative (assuming an ant can imagine something anyway)! Similarly, for us everything is in 4D (4th dimension being the space or time). Our belief is that we are the superior creature that has ever been into existence. Now, we had a beginning so we must have a cause and a creator. So, we gave it a name – the GOD. And since we are the supreme creature the god has ever created, we visualized the ‘god’ to be like just one of us. Now, if the god looked just like us, how would we differentiate him? So, some some religions or believer-groups differentiated the god with multiple hands or heads or with illusionist or mythical powers which normal humans do not have. So our imagination is limited. We think what we know is all there ever is but what we forget is that the universe is almost end-less!

Why am I thinking like it is a constructive belief?

Because we see nobody in today’s over 6 billion people of this earth, no one who has such mythical powers. All those who claim to have such lordship are fake gurus, we all are aware of that. So, I find it somewhat hard to believe if a personality like the god actually walked on this earth at any point of time in past. Because if there was a god when the total population of the world was lesser than the population of the state of Bihar of today’s India, then there is a much more requirement of the god in today’s times when there is much more poverty, much more crime, much more starvation, much more chaos, much more population than there ever existed on this earth! So, we have so much of devil already around us and no show of god! Because, if the god had to be incarnated into a human being some thousands of years ago in form of Krishna, Rama (or Ram), Jesus Christ, Buddha, Allah, Prophet Mohammad, Hanuman, Parshurama, Mahavira etc. just to eliminate a couple of devils or to enlighten the world when the population was not even 1% of what it is today, well there is a 100% more demand today then for a god to exist! If this is so well planned by the god and if he incarnated himself as Buddha, where is he today? Was it like there were lesser hardship to be done as Buddha or even as Krishna or Christ compared to a divine avatar of today would have had to?

If the lord is the supreme being, as they say, of everything and everybody, alive or dead – I have a few historical questions:

1) Why could Jesus Christ not save himself?
2) Why did he got re-born just for a day or two after he ‘officially’ died?
3) Why did he die anyway if he was a god-son?
4) Why did Buddha’s own disciples betray him if he was a god himself?
5) Why did Buddha had to beg for a land to live in front of the kings if he was the god himself?
6) Why did it take years for Buddha to get enlightened?
7) What kind of enlightenment did he get if half of his disciples were against him during the last days of his life?
8) Why did Ram questioned his wife Sita on her character after he rescued her himself from Ravana?
9) What pleasure did Krishna got from indulging cousins into a war against each other and not trying to stop it rather engage into it himself?
10) Why did Prophet Mohammad run from Mekka to Madina and vice-versa from the Jews to save himself? If he was a god-son, why did not he use some powers here?
11) Why does the Prophet call everyone a ‘Kafir’ (the undesired one) who is not a ‘Muslim’? Isn’t this a way to promote one’s own community and a negative way of diminishing all other communities? Isn’t this a way of differentiating your followers from the others?
12) What religion was the Prophet’s mother and/or father following? I believe the Prophet was a Jew when he was born? Why did he betray his own religion and started a new community? What was the purpose? Because some Jews tried to kill him. So, why are there billions of Muslims following him today? Are all the Jews trying to kill them today? What is the ‘purpose’ of being a Muslim? (The same questions can be asked to Jesus Christ)
13) Why do Sikhs have full beard, mustache and wear turbans? Isn’t this a way of differentiating yourself from the other religious groups or communities?

If god means ‘peace’, Krishna is not a god! And if god means ‘power’, all other gods are not gods or even god-sons!

And all other gods here include Jesus Christ, Allah or Prophet Mohammad, Buddha, Mahavir Swami and all the rest of them. Krishna never spoke of peace and the rest of the gods listed here never spoke of power or even if they did, they could not showcase power themselves! So, what are we to believe here?

Saibaba of Shirdi (India), a well known saint, famously declared ‘sabka malik ek’ (There is only one god – the owner of everybody!). Fine enough. But, then who is that god? Saibaba did not answer that question very clearly. There is only one god – is a good philosophy for peace. Because, otherwise all the Jihadis (every strong and blind believer into one’s religion is a ‘Jihadi’) will start fighting against each other and will try to prove their own religion and their ‘own’ gods as the supreme ones! This is in our human nature. My article on ‘Who am I’ tries to explain this human nature and behavior. It is ‘my’ religion. It is ‘my’ god. Now, did that god ever tell you that you are ‘his’? No – if you actually ask yourself. But, still you think that your god saves you even though you have never heard him say that to you! You want to be saved – that’s the fact. You are so pathetically handicapped that you need some ‘divine’ to save you. Why, divine? Because every other living being is your ‘enemy’. You are afraid of every other human or even small creatures. That is why you need someone who is not from this race to save you from these pain and suffering.

If there was no suffering, there would have been no word like ‘god’ in our dictionary

How many times do you remember god when you are all bliss and all happy? Now, there is an exception to this. There are groups of people who worship Allah 5 times a day; there are groups of people who do ‘pooja‘ and offer their prayers and seek blessings from the lord or ‘bhagavan‘ daily morning, afternoon, evening and night.  But, are these people really happy, satisfied? Don’t they want something? Well, they all are greedy. They all want ‘moksha’. They all want to go to ‘heaven’. It is not a self-less prayer that they are offering, there is some requirement, there is a purpose, there is a cause. Now, ‘god’ only knows what is so much there in heaven that is not on this earth. Well, even if there is some heaven, these regular worshipers of god are still ‘greedy’. They are not honest to the others and they are not honest to themselves even. These over-atheist people hate us, they hate this earth and that is why they want to go to heaven. They think that this human birth is a sin and they want to be relieved!

Jains have got it all wrong about the definition of god in today’s modern age!

A typical Jain Sadhvi (Swami) thinks that by switching off the lights, they will kill some creature! So, they will not switch it off themselves. But, if their nephews switch it off, it’s okay for them. They will let their nephews do this sinful activity of switching off or on the lights but they will not do it themselves. They will give pain to their own body even if they are lying in cold but they will not turn off the air conditioner themselves. Why? By doing so, they will kill some living being! This Jain Sadhvi is selfish. She will let her nephew do this sin but she will not do it herself. Now, why is she doing this? She wants to go to the heaven! Now, where is this heaven, if you ask her, she will not know. If you ask her where is her god, she will tell you not to question the gods!

What a politically selfish and mindless answer!

Why did lord Krishna steal clothes of gopis? What is the message? What is the ‘krida‘ here? The god himself flirted with girls, why are we condemning such guys today if they flirt with girls? They are only following the divine tradition!

NO? So, are we supposed to do what the god does or are we not supposed to do what the god does? We should follow the god only from what he says or also from what he does? Preaching is easy, following it is difficult. Lord Buddha could not follow what he himself preached. Lord Mahavira (founder of the Jainism) did not know that there are Bacteria in curd (well that is why it became curd from milk anyway) otherwise he could have withdrew the usage of curd in his holy scripts. The Jains do not eat potatoes, why? Because since the potatoes grow on the surface of the land, there are smaller species around it. Mindless logic for today’s dudes to be able to follow this. Lord Mahavira did not live in the world of electricity otherwise every second he could be killing some thousands of species! This way, lord Mahavira was a sinner himself! He breathed and killed millions of bacteria and viruses when during his tenure, so how could he ever would have landed into heaven? He himself was wrong and so are his followers today! If this is your thinking process, you will never land up into any heaven, if there is one in the first hand!

So pity and so sad, isn’t it! All you have been following your life long turns out to be a misinterpreted religious belief one day!

Modern age cults like Swaminarayan and ISKCON are faking it all up!

There is a community in India named Swaminarayan – they build gigantic temples around the world. There is one such big temple in London and a newly constructed one in New Delhi. They call it the 2nd Taj Mahal! Interesting enough, the spiritual or religious belief of this community is as weak and mindless as any other religion in the world and if you ask me, perhaps more pathetic than the others. In all their temples, they have two separate sections for male and female. Men are in front and female section is generally far away, they can barely see the Swamijis offering prayers to the deities and their gurus. Now, why is there such type of differentiated arrangement? Because, lord Swaminarayana did forbid their followers (who are Swamijis) from even seeing a woman. Now, what will happen if they see a woman, forget touching, just by seeing a woman? They will get aroused! Now, there is a problem if they get aroused. It is clear that they look at every woman from the sexual point of view. Because if they look at them as their mothers or sisters, they will not get aroused just by seeing them, right? So, their teaching is simple. Every woman is there for lust. You look at a woman and you get aroused but since you don’t have a woman partner around you, how will you satisfy or fulfill your sexual desires? It is a sin, so let the women stand far away from the main temple!

What a pathetic psychology!

Our quest for the origin of god will continue…

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Kunal Pandya

Kunal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and startup evangelist. He has helped build and scale up several businesses and products from the ground up. Apart from NCrypted, he serves as an advisory and is on the board of several of our client companies that we partner with.

20 thoughts on “Origin of Gods”

  1. This is perhaps one of the best articles on 'who is god' philosophy that I have come across on the internet. Way too deep thinking into the human mindset! Excellent work.

  2. This is an eye opener man! You have questioned some of the way too old traditions and beliefs in such a way that is set to jeopardize any logic that they may have in defense. I think there is nothing like god now, its all like a fancy harry potter fantasy fiction theory that our ancient authors have created out of their minds!

  3. You are a devil urself writing such article against all religions! U do not believe in god, ok but let all other believe in it. Just how could u write such words against lord mahavira? He was a divine being and he blessed all us human beings and that is the reason we r living today – our 'cause' is to serve the lord and not to question him.

  4. Dear human Soul,

    If you are,God is. If you were not,there would be no need to ask this question which is of existential nature. From where does the question come? It comes from within,from Existence itself . And Existence is nothing but your Self in a magnified form. Peep there,and you will find the answer.
    In primitive civilisations,the ghost was the name for the Soul in the body. When one died,it was believed that the ghost has left the mortal coil.
    God is the English expression for the Generator,Operator and Destroyer of the world.The Hindu Trinity of Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva, refer to the triune functions of the Supreme. The Vedas have the word PURUSHA,for the Ultimate Reality.Among the Vaishnavas, Paramatma is the Supreme One (parama)among all the human souls(atmas). In the Samkhya, while Purusha is the potential energy,Prakriti,is the kinetic energy; the yin and the yan,which make the world move eternally.

    You can see God in godliness – in the Rising Sun, the shining moon and sprinkling stars,the whiff of fresh air,the colour of flowers – in nature’s working,to be precise.God is beyond definition. He cannot be caught in the frame of the mind but can be seen with the eye of the heart.

    You want to see God. But can you see everything with your 6 by 6 vision? To cut the argument short,can you see fragrance,or get an X-Ray of pain in your stomach or forehead ? Perhaps no.

  5. Dear Kunal,

    Thanks for your email, and sending your blogged article. I do not possess a firm grip on the penmanship as you do, so literary expressions may be missing from here. I may not be able to demonstrate language skills however, am confident that my words would definitely leave some effective imprints upon the reader if these are read without preconceived ideas or an specific mindset. Please, read it carefully:

    I also have been through the same stage you went passed however, instead of getting the non authentic material about various religions, discussing religions with followers who are not well conversant with respective faiths, and doing some ‘self brain-storming’ on such an important issue (as you seems to have done) what I did was, started studying the ‘authenticated syllabus’ of Masters in the Comparative study of religions and studied only authentic material provided in respective divine books ‘officially’ inscribed by either God himself or by any of His designated person (may be a messenger, Avtaar or Angel).
    You wont believe that it helped me enormously to find out the truth about God, His messengers, Angels, Spirits or the human beings…
    I read the Bhagwat Geeta, Upanishad, Garanth Sahab (religious book of Sikhs) the Bible, some portions of Torah (Jewish divine book) and Al-Quran…
    Besides the difference of many principles (which are understandable owing to the difference in eras, regions, people, culture and social norms) I found various similarities in there. Even the books of Hindu and Sikh religions which are not considered as divine bear the teachings pretty analogous to Islam, Christianity and Judaism.
    Every religion of this world declares that there is One God, even the Upanishad informs us about God’s supremacy and His divinity as ‘Nahi hae nahi hae …. Zara bhi nahi hae, koi aur uss jesa’.
    If you look towards everything which is all around you, is undoubtedly portray an operative ‘system’ thru which this world, universe and something ahead of it, is running. The day and night, the weathers, the living creations, the animals, the skies, the land, the rivers, the oceans……. and even the human body. Just take the example of human body the systems of which are so complexed and technically interlinked that cannot be even understood easily, no surprise that today even a small ‘hand’ has a specific doctor to treat and does a surgery! What do you think that this complicated machine which comes into being, goes through and ceased to function through a ‘self-destruction’ mechanism by completing a peculiar cycle is done on it’s own? of course not! these all phenomena depict a divine power, a Personality and a Creator , a GOD behind this all. ……… A single God …….. May you call Him God, Eeshwar, Bhagwan or Allah, He is the One & only and He is the supreme…. there are uncountable examples and evidences which could be given in support of the presence of God, however since you have already found the truth so let’s not discuss it any further.

    After reading these all aforesaid material I also found out that all of these religious inscriptions say something about a ‘last messenger’ of God, even the Upanishad talks about an ‘Antim Rishi’ who wd come from western directions and from the land of deserts (Arabia) who would teach the mankind about worshiping the God.

    I also found out that Bible and Torah were though divine inscriptions bestowed upon Jesus and David from God but the people who were blessed with these (especially their religious men) kept amending these with the passage of time to incorporate their own advantages and gains. If one studies these carefully, one could easily find out these amendments where these religious leaders are described as superior to common followers. Only Quran was the last divine revelation, the last book of God which remains unchanged till date (even after one thousand and five hundred years, it’s single letter could not be amended) and will remain as such till the end of this world. how strange? but fact remains as this book of 114 chapters and million of words is learnt by heart by billions of people and during every period there have always been millions of HUFFAZ (people who have memorized complete Quran) present to counter check any of the effort to carryout a change.
    Coming over to questions raised by you, I wont touch upon those related to Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity or other religions but I definitely respond to your queries about Islam and its historical events, which might have created in your mind owing to insufficient knowledge about Islam:
    First of all, Holly Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a human being and NOT the son of God. You probably mixed up present day’s christians believes, with Islam (even the true Christianity doesn’t state Jesus Christ as the son of God). Quran very clearly in many chapters tells us that “And Muhammad is a human being like you who is selected as the last messenger of Allah, he does not say a single word from himself but just speaks of Allah’s words”…….. there are a number of occasions where Allah has shown that when Muslims did not obey their holy Prophet they suffered heavy losses (like present).
    Holy Prophet (PBUH) went away from Makkah to Madina not to be saved from Jews but per a divine planning revealed to him by God himself, moreover those people who were after holly Prophet’s life were Mushriks not Jews, No Jew was residing in Makkah then. this travel of Holy Prophet to Madina proved strangely beneficial and resulted into spread of Islam in every corner of Arabia and rest of the world.
    Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has not ever called anyone a ‘Kaafir’, Yes! Quran did but to only those who were involved in conspiracies against Islam, Muslims and human kind. these people are even present today as well… God has very clearly stated in his last book that He may forgive any of the biggest sins BUT….. Will NOT tolerate SHIRK (to worship someone else besides Allah or to consider someone else as a power sharer with Him) Now how natural it is! while in childhood have you ever tried sharing someone else with your father or your mother? calling some close relatives as ‘Barri Amma’ or ‘Barri Mata’ and Chhotay Baapu is something different and telling your mom that she could keep her meal with herself you have some other ‘mothers’ who could feed you, is totally different. Mom probably could listen it one odd time but after that she would be furious to spank you like hell……. So if a mother can’t tolerate her child looking towards another woman as his mother so how come the God the Creator of the universe (and everything) can bear it. Moreover, if the divine powers could be shared with Him, there would have been a chaos in this world……
    Holy prophet’s parents/grand parents were practicing the ‘Deen e Ibrahimi’ or Deen el Abrahim’ (the religion brought by Abraham), before the Prophet (PBUH) declared the revelations of God to the Arabs whole of the region was in-fact following this religion but not with the true teachings. Leaving aside Muhammad’s mother, father, grand father, one of his uncle ‘Abu Talib’ all others were Mushriks and were having hundreds of idols for being worshiped besides God. Even within ‘Ka’aba’ (Allah’s home in Makkah thru which every Muslim keeps direction for prayers) there were 360 idols placed. which were removed by Prophet when after 10 years whole of the Makkah had embrassed Islam.
    The holy Prophet’s arrival was indicated in Bible as well as in Torah, moreover it was a Jew Rabbi who identified Muhammad as Allah’s last messenger when he was just 11 years old was travelling to Syria with his uncle (and adoptive parent) so, some of the Jews and Christian religious leaders (not all) considering Islam as a threat to their own ‘engineered’ Christianity or Judaism always apposed it. instead of accepting the Islam’s teachings and it’s divinity they created an aura of mystery around it and portrayed it as a religion of flesh eating barbarians. However, there are hundreds of historical examples when numerous Jew as well as Christian scholars have accepted Islam. Here I must point towards millions of Muslims who do not know true teachings of their religion and have indulged in awkward practices, Taliban are also example of such thick-headed people.
    Answering your query about Sai Baba of Shirdi or thousands of such saints, all of such ‘pious people’ spread that God is one, ‘Allah ek hae’, ‘Prati nama Ma’astee’ (as in Upanishad, there is no picture of God) However, none of them has ever taught to make idols (or statues) of them and start worshiping. As there are numerous temples where Sai Baba is worshiped as a god or God’s messenger.

    Ultimately, we reach to the conclusion that in every era, in every region and on every race God has sent His messengers who spread the words of God in their followers,however after every few years when people started leaving true teachings of respective religions and adding own ideas into, those were replaced with a new messenger. Every messenger of God gave the same religion to his disciples (with minor variations as discussed above) however, the latest one is to be followed logically as when a new apostle comes it nullifies the previous one.

    I am hopeful that this email of mine would contribute towards clarifying some of your doubts and queries. I will however, advise you to read Quran and Hadith (Sayings / events of Muhammad) in detail as these are commonly available in the market in any language you want.

    with sincere regards.

    Arif Hakim

  6. Hey Kunal! Interesting points raised, but I do not concur! I am not well-read on other religions but I can speak for Hinduism. I disagree when you say that Krishna never spoke of peace. He always did! But.. He also maintained that if you are pushed to the corner (like the Pandavas were), you got to get up and put up a fight. Had the Kauravas had their way, it would mean that you are letting evil happen without doing anything about it. The Battle of Kurushetra HAD to be fought. If you remember, he bent many rules. Not the most 'noble' thing to do. But he said "The greater cause is to let truth prevail over falsehood. In the larger cause, it's alright to sacrifice a smaller cause". Also, Krishna (or Ram) were 'incarnations' of God (Vishnu). Which means that they were human forms, who were born and had to ultimately die. Hence, they were not the 'all power' beings who oculd do anything the head can imagine. They were here to correct things. Once that was done, they were to leave and let the world run on auto-pilot again.
    It's a looooong debate that shall never end! I am a believer 🙂 I like the points you've raised and I can also understand why you wrote what you wrote. The Quest for Him will never end!

  7. Gulam Mohd Qadri
    If you want to know the address of a person do not ask from a person who themself are ignorance .To find God you need not require to ask any one seek and you will find but seek with clean heart , can you eat with your dirty hands never , So first purify yourself give up lust , anger, jeolousy, hatred , and love and serve man kind . As you yourselve admit that you believe in God , find answer to your queries by reading holy books use our own logic and intelligent , god is closer to you in your heart. Love him you would feel him in your presence , He will not always listen to you he will test you he will make you suffer, but the after is for the obedient . Learn science and religion be our own judge . To God exist yes do ghost exist no they are all spiritual being cannot be seen but can cause negative or bad effect of sickness to your mind and body . Jesus was save study Quran and translation or lecture of Dr Naik. Mohammad came with miracle of god word the way of life for living people like us , he was not giving many miracle but ask being giving guidance and he won Mecca without blood shed and had united the whole of arabia , the idotry was abundance. Krishna also had given guidance to Arjun to fight the evil as we all have to fight evil outside and within us . Be open mind and bless do not be misguided

  8. @ Rina Jain – Thanks. You carry on serving your lord even without trying to actually know who he is. But don’t tell me to do so as well.

    @ Others – You will have thousands of answers to the question in subject here – WHO IS GOD, WHERE IS GOD, WHAT IS HIS ORIGIN, DOES GOD EXIST. But if you stop thinking from religious, optimistic, divine, motivational and philosophical point of view, you will have real difficulty answering to these questions. And that, my friend, that is when the real quest will begin!

    So, please don’t tell me that the god exist within ourselves. I know that. Some of today’s saints, swamis and gurus like Sathya Sai Baba and other fake gurus have taken this thinking process very seriously and that’s probably why they fascinate themselves as gods! So, you see, philosophy won’t work here, please!

  9. @ Arati – I respect your opinion. What you’ve written is so true. But when you say Kauravas win was prevented by Krishna so that evil does not win over the good; but then is it true always? Pandavas won because they had Krishna beside them ‘physically’. How many Pandavas among us today have Krishna to support? How many innocents die in bomb blasts today? How many innocents died in 9/11 NYC and 23 Nov Mumbai terror attacks? Who was there to save them? And naturally, evil won in these cases!

    Also when you say “In the larger cause, it’s alright to sacrifice a smaller cause”, don’t you think that even those idiotic Jihadis have the same food for thought? They also think that they are ultimately serving their Allah by killing innocent people of other religion. They even sacrifice their own lives to serve the larger cause of Jihaad, never mind if their meaning is wrong but they are in masses. Many of them produce dozens of children because they’ve been told that with only a larger population and with a mass grouping, we shall sustain and rule. So, a theory or a religion gone completely wrong here but the question is then – where is the God? Is he seeing all these?

    @ Gulam Qadri – I appreciate your reply and thinking process. My article tries to find a practical answer to the question in subject here and not a philosophical, optimistic or motivational answer.

  10. > Many athest like you argue about jainism saying that if eating unfiltered water, groundroots vegetables or non-veg is a sin as it has living organism which gets killed and its violence then even by taking breath lots of bacteria gets killed then ain't it is violence. True – but look at it this way – bacteria gets killed while taking breath is not in our hand, but whetehr to eat non-veg/groundroots etc or not is in our hand. And another example, if suddenly epidemic spread in a village and about 100s of patients get admitted in hospital and there is just one doctor to save them. Now if the doctor says that I only have the capacity to save 10 patients. Now if he says that I am not going to save each one of them then what is the meaning of saving this 10-15 patients? Is it justified if he says like that – No right? Same way, it is not possible for us to become 100% non-violent, does it mean we should not follow non-violence which is in our hand. And thats the reason we worship God. Because he became God by attaining 100% non-violence (after attaining monkhood) and destroying karmas & 100% controlling desiresrnrn

  11. You are a devil. What the hell you wrote about Lord Mahavira. Do you know anything? And who told you that usage of curds & milk are not withdrew in Jainism? With your half knowledge & half information you develop your own illogical perception & write anything about any faith. What you know about Jainism of Digambar tradition? Just that you read some articles and wikipedia you think you know about Jainism. First you read Jain’s various scriptures, understand their logic and faith and then you have right to say anything against it.

    > Usage of milk & curd are allowed – but have you read somewhere about the maryada of its usage & how to use it to avoid any form of violence. And have you heard about

  12. > About Jain Sadhvi's hypocrisy – I don't know where you noticed that but look at it this way – if a few students studying at one of the most well-known and best school fails in exam then is it justify to blame school & teachers & say that how come this school & its teachers are best in education if their students fail. Well, the school has best of education and teachers teaches perfectly but if students themselves don't concentrate on studies what is the fault of teacher and school. Same way there are many jains who are not perfect follower of jainism and are distracted from religion or are hypocrite then what is the fault of entire religion. Jain scriptures mentioned various things, but how many jains are following it? Many jains still eat groundroots or non-veg. Just because few jains are not following as mentioned in scriptures or are hypocrite then what is the fault of jainism. You can't call jain a hypocrite religion by observing jain sadhvi. She has her own will on how to follow the religion. And if she herself don't want to switch off light but her nephew are doing it without her permission with their own will then its not her fault either but if she herself ask them to do then its hypocrisyrn

  13. > potatoes & all groundroot vegetables contains tiny living organism (which cannot be viewed with even microscope) on every part of it and if you find it midless logic its your problem. Even scientist has approved that it contains living organismrn

  14. > You said Lord Mahavira killed millions of bacterias and viruses when during his tenure,- do you know that all Tirthankara has Audarik Body which has no bacteria & they don't have to go urine and latrine like us common people. You might not be knowing what audarik body is but if you know then you will again find it mindless logic. Whatever you think but its true whether u believe or not. If you are atheist its not everybody's fault and before pointing finger on other religion with your half knowledge you must first find out full information about those religion. rn

  15. > Many jains eat groundroots because they can't control their desire but atleast they believe that it is sin to eat it and it contains many small organisms and respect those who don't eat it thought they eat themselves and this is what makes jains different from others. problem then arise that people who don't follow faith but just because they don't have faith in particular religion they try to prove it illogical without any knowlege about that faith. And mind you, you have talked rubbish about great lord Mahavira without thinking a bit. Now I am afraid if you go to hell

  16. > Usage of milk & curd are allowed – but have you read somewhere about the maryada of its usage & how to use it to avoid any form of violence. And have you heard about "Dhwidal" that is formed through curdrn

  17. Hi i’d like to try and answer some of your questions though from a biblical point of view. You can read the gospel of John to get an overview of the life and reason for Jesus coming and also to be able to understand the answers to the questions. Reading the whole bible will also be good for you if you truly want to understand or get to know God (god of the Israelites, Jesus).

    1.Why could Jesus not save himself and Why did he die anyway if he was a god-son?

    To answer this question we need to understand the reason why Jesus himself came and had to die. In the book of genesis the story begins with God creating the earth and everything in it and giving man (made in the image of God), the crowning of his creation work, the mandate to take care of the creation. Then God gave man a commandment not to eat from a tree that was planted in the middle of the garden that God had placed man to tend. Man disobeyed by eating the fruit though after being deceived by the devil, an angel who rebelled against God and wanted to take the place of God, to eat it. Since God had to make sure that his word is fulfilled, man had to die.

    Gen 2:16 And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, “You may surely eat of every tree of the garden, but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.” ESV

    Therefore death was activated by man when he disobeyed and rebelled against God. This did not please God because he loved man but man had chosen to disobey him therefore he had to come up with a redemption plan for man which he planned to bring through Jesus. God requires a blemish free sacrifice which no man could fulfil therefore he clothed himself in humanity so he was born a son of God and died for man so that man may be restored and dwell with God forever.

    2.Why did he got re-born just for a day or two after he ‘officially’ died. Actually he did not get re-born but he resurrected and appeared to his disciples in a period of 40days before he ascended to heaven. This showed he has the power over death which man had brought through disobedience to God. This happened so that when god promises there is life after death for those who believe in Jesus we have evidence of being raised from death. Since also all other prophets or so called messengers from god died (Buddha, Muhammad, and the rest) and never resurrected this proves he is above them or superior to them.

    Acts 1:3 He presented himself alive to them after his suffering by many proofs, appearing to them during forty days and speaking about the kingdom of God.
    Furthermore he foretold his death and resurrection to his disciples so that they may believe in him.

    John 16:16-17; 16 “A little while, and you will see me no longer; and again a little while, and you will see me.” 17 So some of his disciples said to one another, “What is this that he says to us, ‘A little while, and you will not see me, and again a little while, and you will see me’; and, ‘because I am going to the Father’?”

    3.Why could Jesus Christ not save himself? Since Jesus came to die for the sins of many, he gave himself to be crucified to fulfil this purpose. He did not need to save himself because his coming had to end with him dying.

    4.(The same questions asked about Muhammad)
    What religion was the Prophet’s mother and/or father following? They were jews who followed the god of the Israelites

    I believe the Prophet was a Jew when he was born? Yes he was a jew

    Why did he betray his own religion and started a new community? What was the purpose? He never betrayed his own religion as he kept the mosaic law but the term christian came to be used because his disciples behaved like him hence they were called christians and the religion came to be known as christianity.

    Acts 11:26…. For a whole year they met with the church and taught a great many people. And in Antioch the disciples were first called Christians.

    He also came to fulfil what the prophets were prophesying that a messiah will come to save the Israelites, though they did not understand the promise god Abraham was for the whole world See John 1:19-30.

    John 1:29 The next day he saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!

    Because some Jews tried to kill him. So, why are there billions of Christians following him today? What is the ‘purpose’ of being a Christian? i) There is a reward of eternal life when one follows Jesus Christ. John 3:16
    ii) To share this good news and message of gods kingdom to others so that they may be disciples or converts (Matt 28:19-20), sons of God (John 1:12).. this two are not exhaustive.

    Are all the Jews trying to kill them today? N/A

    I believe i have tried to answer some of the questions regarding Jesus from what I have written. However to get to understand these things i encourage you to watch some of the video teachings by Myles Munroe on you tube on why Jesus had to die, the birth and death of death and other teachings by him to get to know more about God.

  18. Kunal,

    Being a Brahman(Not Brahmin!!) you should know that you need to find SadGuru for the answers. Human intelligence/wisdom has materialistic limitation, it always seeks reason for everything with so much limited power of senses.

    If you want to feel divine you have to go to someone who has already achieved it.

    I pray you find one soon in this life.

    God Bless You.

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