Why are all MF Husain nude paintings related to Hinduism only?


Maqbool Fida Husain, ‘so-called’ greatest living artist of Indian origin (Indian origin because he is a citizen of Qatar now, no more Indian!) has been in limelight ever since he depicted Hindu gods and goddesses in ‘compromising’ positions and even having animal sex. Some Hindu outfits and individuals demonstrated against this and even filed lawsuits in courts! There are dozens of cases filed against M F Husain and that is the reason he has given up the Indian citizenship and taken up the one offered by the Qatar king. Our ‘liberal’ and ‘forward minded’ democrats have pleaded Husain ‘Not Guilty’ in the name of art and freedom of expression!

Why did M F Husain depict Hindu gods only in such a form?

I have a question for these guys – just why did Mr. Husain imagined and painted nude gods and goddesses of Hindu religion only? And why were the paintings of his own daughter and other Muslim figures which he drew were all fully clothed? It looks like Mr. Husain’s obsessiveness with nudity awakens only when he sees Hindu Godesses! And he is all respectful when it comes to Muslim figures? Art should have freedom, expressions should have freedom, agree my boy – agree with you! But, then why is there no painting in which the 90+ year old Husain has sculpted a Muslim figure in nudity or in a compromising position with the Prophet Mohammed?

Why is it that only when it comes to someone attacking Hindu mythology and religious beliefs, our own Hindu journalists and so-called democrats and social workers talk of peace and freedom and all crap? But if someone is attacking Muslims in our country, the same guys will go against those culprits. Every single person in the media had gone against Narendra Modi for his ‘alleged’ role in the Gujarat riots during which about a thousand Muslims were killed in mass mob riots. These guys forgot the root cause of these riots in which over 300 Hindus were killed in the train in Godhra! Where were these social workers and democrats then when Hindus were being killed?

I am not in the support of violence and I do not support or encourage the violence which took place in post Godhra riots, at all. I have Muslim friends and employees working in my company and I am proud of them. My simple argument is that why are we teaching ourselves lessons all the time and when it comes to someone else attacking us, we take a backseat and let the law take its own course? If the law had to take its course, it could have already hanged Afzal Guru, the person who attacked the Lok Sabha! Incidents and people like these (including Muslims and Hindus for that matter) make the rest of us common Indians think that what they teach in Islam is all cruel and violence!

A direct attack on Hindu belief!

M F Husain’s paintings are a direct attack on Hinduism and Hindu belief. Some may even argue that our own Ajanta and Ellora have arousing sculptures of Hindu demigods! True, but none of them are named after any god or goddess. None of them has a naked Saraswati, which Mr. Husain dared to imagine and even paint for public viewing to showcase how creative his stupid little brain is! Saraswati, according to Hindu culture, is the goddess of knowledge, music and art. So, Mr. Husain, an artist, drew the nude painting of the goddess of art herself! What kind of artistic freedom is this? It reminds me of a movie in which a teenager student wanted to have sex with his teacher! You think of somebody in nudity and you call it art? Excuse me but I call it sex or for that matter, the productivity of a psycho mindset, if you’re thinking of your guru or your god in that position! Saraswati is not just a teacher but a goddess, teacher of all teachers! Freedom comes with great responsibility and mind you but no painter or artist on this earth has any right to make fun out of someone or some religion’s culture and belief. Just why is there no naked Prophet Mohammed painted by the great Husain?

Just look at the following paintings by M F Husain, these should open your eyes – M F Husain controversial paintings

If you look at these paintings, the first thing you will realize that not a single Hindu god or goddess he has painted is well clothed. All of them are nude. On the contrary, all the Muslim figures he has painted are full clothed! Prophet Mohammed’s daughter is full clothed. M F Husain’s own daughter and mother are well clothed. Mother Teresa, for that matter, is well clothed. But all the Hindus in his paintings are naked! Wow. What do you call this? Some kind of artistic freedom? You are kidding yourself if you call this an artistic freedom. Just look at those paintings again, yes now, take a bow, do it! All Hindus are painted naked by Mr. M F Husain and not a single Muslim lady is without clothes. Just look at the following painting to understand the mind of this great painter and what is his perception and reason behind painting nudity:

Out of the four leaders M. Gandhi is decapitated and Hitler is naked

In this painting, out of the four leaders, Mahatma Gandhi is decapitated and Adolf Hitler is shown naked. The reason for drawing Hitler nude is because Husain hates Hitler. He said in an interview some 9-10 years ago that he has depicted Hitler naked to humiliate him and as he deserves it! On the contrary, during another interview after Husain painted Goddess Durga in a sexual compromising position with a Tiger (said to be Durga’s vehicle), he argued that nudity in art depicts purity and is in fact an honor! Is this some kind of hypocrisy, Mr. Husain? What are you trying to prove here? Is nudity an honor or an act of humiliating the victim? You wanted to humiliated the already dead Hitler so you drew him nude. You wanted to honor Goddess Durga so you drew her nude? Are you some kind of a psycho or something, Mr. M F Husain?I can either love Prophet Mohammed or hate him, so kindly draw him nude for me, yes right now do that, will you? According to your very own controversial statements, nudity is either showing honor or an act of humiliation.

The big question is – Why did you not pick up Mohammed and paint him in such compromising position?

Oh, we have got the ball hitting the pants now! So, here, why don’t you do that with any of the Muslim figure? And the rest of you guys who love M F Husain – WHAT SAY YOU NOW?

Declaration: I respect all religions and am not against any religion or religious belief. M F Husain was alive at the time of writing this blog post.

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Kunal Pandya

Kunal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and startup evangelist. He has helped build and scale up several businesses and products from the ground up. Apart from NCrypted, he serves as an advisory and is on the board of several of our client companies that we partner with.

21 thoughts on “Why are all MF Husain nude paintings related to Hinduism only?”

  1. this is interesting brother. i didnt know that the only nude paintings mr. hussain has drew r of hindu gods and goddesses. this is sick man

  2. What is MF Husain's sick fascination for having sex with animals ? Why does he repeatedly superimpose his dirty minded eroticism on Deities?

  3. I must compliment you on your bold and brilliant piece. Hussain is a mentally sick person.The older he grows the wilder he becomes. In the 'mad,mad world' the mad alone are his support.And their numbers are fast on the increase. Painting hindu gods naked is artistic terrorism in the name of freedom. Public toilets are known for shameless scribbling on the walls.The sad fact is such scribblings done in the open are called exquisite pieces of art,and rewarded.

  4. M.F. Hussain is a typical muslim fundamentalist and painter-terrorist who hates every idol-worshipper as a 'kafir'. His pornographic imagination delights in depicting revered Hindu goddesses in the nude and in sexual union with animals. In one painting he shows nude, sexually excited Ravana, with a naked Sita sitting on his thigh, Ravan' lust virtually exploding as Hanuman watches.In another painting, Goddess Durga is shown as having sex with the tiger, Durga having threre breasts and shooting arrows of desire and lust in every direction. Hussain only deserves to be given exemplary punishment. He knows what he has done sand so has run away to Qatar.His mind is thoroughly saturated with unbridled LUST!

  5. Yes it is a shame if any body depict Deities, Gods and religious figures in such manners. It is very shameful on the part of M F Husain, he must apologies all Indians, in particular Hindu brothers. As an Indian I too is very hurt.

  6. May I ask some plain questions? isn't the nudity a part of hindu dharam? what about thousands of nude sadhus (nangay babas) roam around in the streets of towns, dont these nude sadhus (totally naked) go for the ganga ashnan without being worried about the presence of people even the women and children? how about hindu ladies publicly bathing semi nude in ganga? aren't most of hindu godds and goddesses nude, or semi nude? so if this nudity is part of your dharam, then why to get infuriated on MF Hussain? because he is a muslim? yes! how this dam'n old Musla got the nerves to draw these paintings?…. If some Ram Gopal would have drawn these paintings you all would be praising his creativity and thematic art…….

  7. dear Arif, You are a brainwashed semileterate muslim, which knows nothing about Hindu religen (for that matter any religen) and reacted as hard core mullah. The point is M.F. Hussain is a typical muslim fundamentalist and painter-terrorist who hates every idol-worshipper as a ‘kafir’. His pornographic imagination
    delights in depicting revered Hindu goddesses in the nude and in sexual union with animals. If he has any guts, why not paint the princess of Quatar (his adapted country where he gets real freedom of expression) in nude and see what happens. Well, for your information, one Quatar princess was boiled to death for marrying anainst wishes of his parents.

  8. Arif, it is not about M F Hussain being a Muslim. I agree with Archi here. It is more about M F Hussain being a separatist 'jihadi' Muslim. Jesus Christ was almost naked when he was hanged on the cross till death, so why is there no 'creative' showcase of M F Hussain about this event? I mean, where on earth have you seen in any authentic hindu scripture a Hindu goddess in a sexual union with an animal? Are you freaking out of your lousy mind? No, it is not about whether a Muslim drew these paintings or an Indian. Whoever he is, he is sure a psycho!

  9. M F Hussain I wud say was mad who had no other way to express his anger and hatered towards hindus apart from his stupid paintings.Not even a single Muslim in his paintings is ever painted nude.Its very good he died, he deserved that. Hindus should never forgive him.

  10. Arif I guess very well said by Google, M F Hussain just expressed his anger thats it and u also seem to be a mad one to me. I ask u that wud u say the same thing if I paint Mohammed's number of wives having sex with a devils, or animals.

  11. dearest ravi i agree m f hussain to b a bigtym pyschotic person..but u seem to b rather a biger psycho dan him…dont u dare to take the name of holy prophet(peace b upon him)..

  12. sadia ji-kya hua?sirf ravi ji ki ek bat se itna gussa?n wat abt tht bloody hussian who painted our deities?and we cnt evn tke name of ur holy prophet.

  13. Why didnt our secular MF Hussain couldnt imagine naked Prophet Muhammad or why didnt he pervert his own religious beliefs. Man I dont think this is secularism. If the same thing is done to Prophet Muhammad in the same Qatar, he would have been hanged to death.

  14. sab ko abhviyati ki swatanrata hai lekin kewal muslim hi kiyo dharam ko lekar katter hai inhe akl kab aayegi ki bhagwaan ya khuda jaisa kuchh bhi nahi hai sirf insan ke karm hi uske jeevan ka nirnaye karte hai dharm ek suni sunai baat ke alawa kuchh bhi nahi hai rn

  15. sadia ji ne jo kaha holy prophet unehe kaise pata ki kun pavitra hai aur koun apivitra ye sirf suni sunai baat hai muslim ghar mai jo information mili usiki sach maan liya hai unka khud ka koi anubhav nahi hai khuda ke baare main unhe sirf information hai . aise andhviswasiyou se bhari hai ye duniya.

  16. No, MF Hussain is correct he just predicted correctly. If you looked at old age hindu temples in india. Where the Goddess poses nakedly without covering the breast and butt, so it understands sexual relational ship is the primary thing among the religion hindu. I have looked most old temples in india. their the goddess was posed sexily (like visible nipple, butt, breast, penis , threesome sex, and foursome sex) which show pornography and kamasutra is main message of hinduism
    David A. Remo
    Professor of Hindu Ideology,
    HartFord Institute of Religious Research

  17. MF Hussein is pervert, coward, escaped most freedom practiced India to save his skin. I’m sure anyone if paint Muslim character in this fashion as that MF and his life will be in danger and can liver for few days or years in this globe! He lived till his death due to tolerant Hindu religion.

    Religion: Every religion is created due to one wise person according to that time. Need of hour is to update & change religion with time. May revolutionary leader and modern philosophers are best example of change. Many in India and are less known due to info is in vernacular script. This to be well understood by fanatic Muslim and other religions and stop hating each other religion.

  18. Brother remo, Your prediction about m.f.hussains prediction was completely wrong. You will find these sculptures outside temple. They represent the thought in our mind which are generally related with external World. Self is inside the temple, where there are no thoughts.

    Why the so called objectionable carvings in some mandir ?

    A) Much controversy rages over the purpose of these carvings showing males and females in various states.To the casual observer they puzzle. What is the reason of such things in a place of worship?

    To the crude they are pornographic. And to the bias they are the vulgar habits of a primitive peoples. Yet they are in fact, opaque symbolic portrayals of the state of ‘union’ with God. Within the vast confines of Hinduism one encounters many approaches to demonstrating spiritual ideas. Mithuna carvings are just one.

    B) Mithuna, in fact means, ‘the state of being a couple.’

    The Bruhadaranyka Upanishad, 4. iii. 21:

    “Just as a man closely embraced by a beloved woman knows nothing more without or within, so also a spiritual person embraced by God knows nothing more of without or within. This is his true form in which his desire (worldly) is satisfied. He has no desire nor any pain.”

    Thus mithuna is a human symbol of the total involvement in God required for Moksha-ultimate release from the material world of life-death cycles. Moksha is attained by approaching the Lord in a mandir where such carvings constantly remind him of his true goal in life; the attainment of pure divine bliss by being totally engrossed in the Lord.

    C) The mithuna symbols also express a series of particular philosophic beliefs concerning the creation of man and wife and the whole of creation. In the beginning was Purusha (an aspect of God).

    Bruhadaranyaka Upanishad, 1. iv. 1-4:

    “like a man and a woman in close embrace (one, and introverted enjoying the bliss of spiritual being). It desired a second. Himself the Purusha divided into two. So were born man and wife. He united himself to her.”

    The scriptures command that such carvings should only be presented on the walls of mandirs and not on the houses of men. This is because men (and women) indulge in mithuna to satisfy sexual desires, ignoring the true purpose of life, Moksha – or final release.

    D) Sex is the most enjoyable relationship. The goal of sex is the realization of the sacredness of love.

    ———————— ———————— ———————— ————————
    The joy of human sexual union raised to the nth degree is regarded as attainment of union with divine.
    ———————— ———————— ———————— ————————
    Since sexual union is the affirmation of the ideal relationship between human and divine, physical enjoyment is the concrete form of the spiritual enjoyment. Sringara (sexual enjoyment) is the aesthetic experience of the basic emotion of love. The ineffable ecstacy of the union of man and woman finds expression in terms of sexual experience. The mithuna sculpture on the temples is an expression of this ideal.

    The body is the physical manifestation of the inner life. Mithuna sculpture on temples is, therefore, an outer manifestation of man’s inward aesthetic pleasure. There are sixty four arts of love-making as enunciated by Vatsayana in Kama Sutra. These arts are essential for fulfilling three aims of life, viz., Kama, Artha and Dharma.

    The art of love and sex is an important branch of human knowledge. Sexual enjoyment constitutes fulfillment of Dharma. Human love is analogous to spiritual passion. The sexual embrace of man and woman gives the same pleasure what mystical experience of the soul gives in the embrace of God.

    Mithuna sculpture, an expression in stone of the love play is therefore not profane but a glory of human achievement.

    E) Several theories, as to the origin and significance of these aspects of mandir sculpture, prevail among Indian as well as Western scholars.

    Francis Leeson in Kama Shilpa has summarized them briefly as follows :

    (1) The mithunas are symbols of Shakti – both – sexes in one God – representing the oneness of God, or the spiritual syllable AUM.

    (2) They are representations of supreme bliss, an attempt in earthly terms to convey the meaning of heavenly rapture.

    (3) The mithunas are temptations to laud thoughts, but are to be overcome by the devout.

    (4) They are just innocent depictions of a human activity in the same way as other sculptures show scenes of dancing, fighting, making music, praying, etc.

    (5) The mithunas were intended as a protection against the evil eye, ‘lightening” etc.

    (6) They attract grosser-minded people to come to the mandir, if only for the initial pleasure of examining them.

    (7) The mithunas are there for the sexual education of the young and ignorant, as a sort of illustrated Kama Sutra.

    (8) They are straight forward representations of Yogic postures.

    Having taken into account the various theories about the significance of representations of these postures in mandirs, and examined them in light of the canons prescribed in the Shilpa works, Dr. B.J. Sandesara has justified their place in mandir sculpture as illustrating Kama which is one among the four purusharthas (Dharma, Artha, Kama) leading to moksha.

    The mithunas are not to be seen as vulgar sculptures then.
    Straight and crooked are within the person!

    F) Reference, Book:

    The Art of Khajuraho
    By R. Nath
    Published by Abhinav Publications, 1980
    ISBN 0836406087, 9780836406085
    Total Pages 181

    Various quotes on the purpose and need for mithunas are mentioned in the pages 126-128 in ‘The Art of Khajuraho’.

    Natya Sastra of Bharata, 2. 88-89
    Brahat Samhita of Vrahamihira, 55. 14-15
    Agni Purana, 104. 29-30
    Matsya Purana, 260.11-12
    Sukra Niti Sara, 4.4. Slokas 76, 78, 106 and 107
    Samarangana Sutradhara (a North Indian Vatsu text), 8.43 and 30.134

    Hope you will understand brother Remo.

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