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Tata's Nano - Bengal's lose is
Gujarat's gain

  The exit of the small wonder car 'Nano' from Singur, West Bengal, according to many, will give Bengal a 'troubled state' image. Since the announcement of Tata's Nano project in Singur, the local mafia farmers backed up with the likes of Mamata and her Trinamul Congress Party started opposing this revolutionary project; claiming that the Tatas along with the Government of West Bengal have taken away local farmers' land without their complete will and at a very low market value. They continued claiming that they want the land back. Now that the Mamata-Farmer alliance has won this battle against the Tatas, they came under a shock when they learn .....

posted on : Sunday October 19th, 2008,  Under: The Story of India
Tags : tata, tata nano car, tata nano, nano, nano car, west bengal, gujarat, narendra modi, buddhadeb bhattacharya, farmers suicide,

NCrypted Campus Recruitments

  We at NCrypted recently went on a campus recruitment hunt at Saurashtra University and Atmiya Institute of Science & Technology, Rajkot (Gujarat, India). I think campus recruitment process is better compared to other orthodox hiring mediums such as newspaper advertisements, job portals, internet forums, job fairs etc. Here you go to that very particular segment which has the pool of candidates that you require. However, you will need to garnish them with your dedicated training program which is another factor - but once trained they can be a nice asset to your organization.

Gett .....

posted on : Wednesday October 15th, 2008,  Under: NCrypted
Tags : ncrypted, campus recruitment, saurashtra university, atmiya college, AITS,

How pathetic could journalism can get?

  Sujata Anandan wrote on 'The Oped Page' of The Hindustan Times, Mumbai on May 02, 2007 something like below...excerpts:

"how bloody could patriotism get?"

"Modi's popularity proves that Gujaratis think differently from the rest of India. Let us hope that the fake killings will shame them enough to boot out the likes of Modi and Vanjara"

".....at some point of time the people of Gujarat will be shamed enough to boot out the likes of Modi and Vanjara and dump them into the Arabian Sea....."

".....This man, even worse than either Hitler or the Nazis, knows, then, that even if the people of Gujarat vote differently com .....

posted on : Saturday October 11th, 2008,  Under: Offbeat
Tags : negative journalism, sujata anandan, oped page, gujarat, narendra modi,

Who am I - The Discovery of a 21st century man!

  During my engineering days at Bangalore I used to go to the nearby Hare Krishna Hare Rama temple of ISKCON. An engineer Swami (yes most of the sanyasins there have a professional background) held a class on 'Gita' one fine Sunday. We were around 20 in this spiritual classroom. All with diverse backgrounds, religion (there were Hindus, Jain, Christians, two Sikhs and a Muslim, too), caste, profession and background.

Swamiji then started the lecture by asking one simple question to each of us, "Who are you?". The question looked pretty simple. The guy sitting next to me immediately replied, "I am Mrugesh Dravid". Then pointing t .....

posted on : Saturday October 11th, 2008,  Under: Religion
Tags : who am i, discovery of a man, discovery of an indian,

Here is why Narendra Modi won 2007 Gujarat

  Sujata Anandan has again written in her 'The Oped Page' in Hundustan Times, Mumbai edition (December 12, 2007) why Gujaratis should feel ashamed of themselves! I don't understand for the main reason why is she so much after making the community to
be ashamed of themselves for voting Modi!

Anandan thinks she is writing something smart which will impress likeminded Gujaratis and others from the rest of the India
who vote against Modi! Well, she's fooling herself then. The people of Gujarat, all gujaratis and I believe the entire literate India is for development. Under the tenure of Modi's government in Gujarat, the state has witne .....

posted on : Saturday October 11th, 2008,  Under: The Story of India
Tags : narendra modi, sujata anandan, oped page, 2007 gujarat election,

Business Ethics and Our Indian Education System

  We are not here to define what is management. We are here to put management in practice!

There exist a load of hypes about the ethics in management, but very less among them talk about the real thing. We should do that and we should do this - what a crap! People talk about management but these talks are never applied. Theories can't help you win a serious game, you should be practical. Apply your thoughts and then advice others! And, it's true for the people who are accepting such worldly wisdom from unacknowledged sources which has not been put in practice so far.

I remember one of my professors advising our class one day, ''Lo .....

posted on : Friday October 10th, 2008,  Under: Marketing
Tags : business ethics, indian education, education system,

Delivering an Effective Public Speech

  'When I speak, even angels listen to me! 'Coz my words are worldly acknowledged and no soul in this earth can d-e-n-y my superiority over it!'

Grrrh, now that was something heavy to digest. Looks like that funny acting guy in 'Sansani' popping up every evening and warning every citizen of India. Anyway, a friend of mine just dropped by explaining how horrible his presentation went last evening. He fears he might lose the potential project and the client due to that. We both went for a cup of coffee and the following is what came out! (coffee can be so fruitful sometimes!)

posted on : Friday October 10th, 2008,  Under: Marketing
Tags : public speaking, public speech, effective public speech, personality development,

Affairs of Marketism

  This is an article I wrote back in February 2004 with inputs from my uncle Kapil Pandya.

The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair

The media published the affairs of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky very highly and that much advertisement they never published about Clinton's presidency job. The media used the name of the personality and did the marketing to sell their news!

Lewinsky was a worker secretary at the White House of the USA and step-by-step by using the soft-nature of President Clinton she got closer to him. She was, after, often shown among the personal caravan of Clinton. And then by applying her .....

posted on : Friday October 10th, 2008,  Under: Marketing
Tags : affairs of marketing, affairs of marketism, lady diana, bill clinton, monica lewinsky, mahabharata, yudhisthir, yudhisthira, marketing gimmick,

Troy - The Western Mahabharata

  "What is written here is everywhere else and what is not written in here is nowhere in the world!"

I remembered these legendary words from our all-time best epic 'The Mahabharata' penned by Muni Ved Vyas when I saw this great movie recently. I went to the library and read the Greek epic on which the story of this film is based - The Iliad. It's one of the two epics of Greece (Iliad and Odyssey), both written by blind poet Homer.

For the whole last week I wasn't actually here in the polluted streets of Mumbai, for my mind knew now a place which created a virtual 'troy' within my day-dreams! I literally walked the roads of .....

posted on : Friday October 10th, 2008,  Under: Offbeat
Tags : troy, mahabharata, mahabharat, western mahabharata, troy movie review, troy review,

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